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Usage examples for "uberfluessige" in German

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EnglishThat will superfluous Concepts be.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd after all, we are against superfluous Bureaucracy.volume_upmore_vert
I consider this to be one superfluous Measure.volume_upmore_vert
We have to do what is necessary, that Superfluous we have to let.volume_upmore_vert
This eliminates a lot of bureaucracy and superfluous Avoid tests. Volume_upmore_vert
You are now presented more clearly, superfluous Details have been removed. Volume_upmore_vert
There are too few activities and too much superfluous Bureaucracy.volume_upmore_vert
We also talk about work, additional work and superfluous Work argued.volume_upmore_vert
For me, therefore, what is now to be built up at European level is one superfluous another layer.volume_upmore_vert
The convergence criteria are met by making serious social savings and superfluous Perform privatizations. Volume_upmore_vert
In particular, it was decided not to superfluous, to maintain or introduce structures that delay the decision-making process
EnglishThis undesirable and totally superfluous political level is a prime example of the regionalization surge in our homeland
All in all, this is poorly thought out, illogical and absolute superfluous Regulation.volume_upmore_vert
Second, add some amendments superfluous Notes, overlap with elements of Community legal provisions or create legal uncertainty
In my opinion, this is one superfluous Endangerment de public health.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe are against superfluous Bureaucracy and clearly advocate compliance with national social security regulations
We consider the introduction of a Community patent to be a complete one superfluous Measure.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishI believe that this superfluous Directive would only hinder the development of the port in Belfast and other ports
If we cannot agree on the compromise, we would prefer it superfluous Policy would not be accepted
It is regrettable, however, that there are a few in committee at the last minute superfluous and unhelpful amendments crept in. volume_upmore_vert
In short, this proposal can do a lot superfluous Eliminate labor, but exercise caution in its implementation and elaboration
I therefore ask you to support the position of the ELDR Group and it superfluous Legislation does not allow volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThat is one superfluous Regulation, and I want to call on MEPs to follow committee and reject it
The guarantee of equal net income through an extremely low European tax is a complete one superfluous Privilege of MEPs dar.volume_upmore_vert
For far too long, the discharge was considered bureaucratic and rather bureaucratic superfluous Measure, something that you want to get done as quickly as possible
The current crisis - another one superfluous Crisis - will hopefully be the much anticipated trigger of social Europe. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThis highly superfluous Note only makes it clear that one is fundamentally against any consideration of diversity and the dangers threatening the current cohesion
During implementation, the Commission will pay particular attention to simplifying procedures in order to superfluous Remove obstacles and combat excessive red tape. Volume_upmore_vert
We need to better coordinate the delivery of aid superfluous Eliminate formalities and strengthen controls in order to be able to react to the constantly changing situation
She also thinks that the arbitration procedure without superfluous Delay apply and should also apply to dried, processed, and compound foods
I support Mr Schnellhardt's words about the meaning that the forms of labeling, which are now clear and without superfluous Additions are designed for the consumer have.volume_upmore_vert
The crisis in the pig sector was regulated by the mechanisms of the market economy, and in particular because of superfluous and expensive aid schemes were waived
Attempts have been made to improve the quality of the legislation, superfluous Restrict regulations and limit the costs of implementing the legislation
EnglishThe e-mail account is also used through this superfluous Advertising is sometimes overloaded and therefore cannot be used for serious communication. Volume_upmore_vert
I hope that, in the interests of equal treatment for men and women, we will return to what is essential, and tomorrow we will Superfluous will be deleted in the vote. volume_upmore_vert
The Commission's attempts, premature and in the case of the organization of the market in milk superfluous Introducing reforms has created even more uncertainty and unease among farmers
EnglishThis superfluous Delay peaked with a refusal to urge the report, which would have allowed it to go into effect this month of May
Many of these requests were identical and, in my opinion, it is nothing more than a very unpleasant one superfluous Obstruction tactics.volume_upmore_vert
It's a brilliant reshaping of traditional religious motifs - updating them and clandestinely superfluous Abandoning properties, reinterpreting other properties
On the contrary, superfluous Angiogenesis, i.e. too many blood vessels, drives diseases. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishMr President, like the majority of the citizens of the European Union, I think that animal testing for cosmetic purposes is one of them superfluous and unacceptable practice that must be banned
I am also convinced that if we can agree on what is necessary and what is right, that we can do this more in individual cases and that Superfluous bring it off the agenda volume_upmore_vert