What is my meaning in your life

It's actually quite simple: that is the meaning of life

At some point everyone has asked themselves the question: What is the meaning of my existence? Whoever you ask this question, you either get a different answer every time or you just get a shrug of your shoulders. The alarm bells should go off. If after thousands of years there was no one who could give a straight answer, could there be something wrong with the question?

Followed up

Let's go through the question carefully, let's do sentence analysis. First the concepts. There are two abstract nouns here: meaning and life or existence. The latter is relatively clear, our life is our "being there". But what do you understand by the meaning of something? I think it is more appropriate to speak of "the meaningfulness of life". If you look at people's opinions on this, three views emerge. Meaningfulness in the sense of:

What is the cause of my being? Why am I there? What is the goal (Greek telos) of my being? What is my life geared towards? What is a meaningful life? What should I do, how should I behave?

Faith is meaningful

The first two questions are a domain of religions. By postulating a deity and / or a higher level of being (eternal life, nirvana), both cause and goal meaningfulness are established quite clearly and simply. One could therefore assume that people believe in a God and in higher levels of existence in order to give meaning to their lives. For me this is the best reason to believe in a god.

A life without a reason or goal?

If it wasn't for a problem. Sentence analysis says that the question "What is the meaning of life?" implicitly, i.e. without expressing it explicitly, contains a premise. It reads: There is a meaning in life. Is this premise true? If not, we would have to be more careful when phrasing our question: "If there is a meaning in life, what is it?"

So, for an answer, we would first have to ask ourselves whether life necessarily has to have meaning. Spontaneously one would say yes! But why? Can't all life just exist without a reason and without a goal? Just because our self-esteem cannot imagine our non-being, is that reason enough to say that it has to make sense? Does there have to be eternal life in the form of a soul just because I cannot imagine my death - do not want to imagine? What if my mother hadn't married my father, but her childhood friend? Then I would not even exist and I would not have this inner compulsion to have to reflect on my existence.

Chance and meaning in life

So, for the sake of simplicity, let's assume that the existence of an individual in this world is only a matter of chance. We were lucky (or unlucky ?!), others who were never born weren't. Then does the question of the meaning of existence arise? I claim yes! Because there is the third point of the question of meaning: What is a meaningful life? What should I do, how should I behave in order to make my life meaningful?