Athens is a beautiful city

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The economic crisis is currently dominating the media and people. Despite all the problems, Athens is still a comparatively safe city. The Crime compared to tourists is much lower than in most other megacities in Europe. One rarely hears of theft or robbery against tourists. However, the mood has generally become tougher in recent years due to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who have to survive without benefits from the Greek welfare system. The focus of (drug) crime is, for example, the central Omonia Square (and especially the streets north of it) and parts of the port city of Piraeus. These areas are best avoided - especially at night.

The sights of Athens are almost all in the city center north of the Acropolis Athens. They are not too far apart, you can walk. There is a subway to the port of Piraeus from the center, as well as to the airport. There are hotels and pensions all over the city. The cheapest way to stay is in the boarding houses around Omonia (be careful: many are staying). The best area to stay in Athens is probably the old town Plaka under the Acropolis. There, however, the accommodations are a bit more expensive than in other parts of the city.

I would often be asked about the prices in Athens. Athens isn't too cheap. The taverns, cafes and restaurants in particular have recently become more expensive. If you avoid the tourist areas like in Plaka, you can still have a good meal in Athens for 12-15 euros or drink a coffee for 1.50 euros. Rooms in budget hotels can be found outside the very high season from 25 euros. Of course, as in every major European city, there are hardly any upper limits. In private youth hostels you can find dormitories for as little as 12 euros. Public transport is much more expensive than before the crisis, but still cheaper than in Germany. A one-way trip on the subway (except to the airport) costs 1.40 euros, a 24-hour ticket 4 euros. The latter is recommended and also applies to buses and the tram. Anyone who goes shopping in Athens (clothing, jewelry, electronics, etc.) will have the feeling that the prices are a little higher than in Germany. The value added tax has been increased several times in the last few years.


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