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Diet: Whole grains for breakfast help fight diabetes and food cravings

Anyone who has breakfast with their jam rolls every morning is doing their health a disservice. Whole-grain bread made from barley or rye is the ideal fit for body and mind, is easy on the figure and can protect against diabetes, says a Swedish study. In her doctoral thesis, nutritionist Anne Nilsson examined which types of grain in wholemeal bread keep blood sugar stable and thus protect against cravings. Rye and barley performed best. Whole grain bread made from these types of bread keeps the blood sugar level at a consistently high level for up to ten hours. As a result, whole grains can also protect against diabetes. We'll tell you why whole grains are the best for breakfast.

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The breakfast roll quickly makes you hungry again

Whole grains have a low glycemic index, which means they make blood sugar levels rise slowly. In the case of wheat rolls, it is exactly the opposite: blood sugar rises sharply and falls again after a short time. This automatically leads to the body asking for food again - the cravings are there.

Whole grains can protect against diabetes

A constant blood sugar level is also the best prevention against adult diabetes, according to a study by the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) in Potsdam. "Above all, the fiber in whole grain products prevents blood sugar spikes," says Heiner Boeing, one of the study's authors. The data was obtained from a long-term European study exploring the relationship between diet, cancer and other chronic diseases.

More and more people with diabetes feared

Health professionals in particular are increasingly concerned about diabetes. In 2030, 40 percent of Germans will be diabetic if they do not eat healthily and exercise more. That is what Klaus Eder, Professor of Nutritional Physiology at the University of Halle, fears. Seven and a half million Germans are already living with diabetes. A distinction is made between juvenile diabetes (type 1) and adult diabetes (type 2). "The biggest problem will be adult diabetes," says Eder. It is true that the genetic make-up has a major influence on whether a person suffers from type 2 diabetes. But lifestyle, diet, and body weight could all affect when the onset occurs and how it progresses.

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