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Billion euros order for TKMS shipyard in Kiel

Status: 23.03.2021 9:59 p.m.

After years of negotiations, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense announced today that it will order four new submarines from the TKMS shipyard in Kiel for around 4.5 billion euros.

by Christian Wolf

After years of negotiations, the German-Norwegian submarine project is a done deal. Both countries will have a total of six 212CD boats built by the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) shipyard in Kiel. Four submarines are going to Norway, the German Navy receives two. As Scandinavian media report, the project will cost Norway around 45 billion kronor, which is the equivalent of almost 4.5 billion euros. Around two thirds of the sum is to be spent on construction. The remaining sum should be kept ready for ongoing operations, for example when spare parts are required. It is not yet clear when the first boats will be delivered. Initially, the year 2025 was targeted, but most recently the Norwegian Ministry of Defense said that the first boats would be expected between 2028 and 2030 at the earliest.

First boats for Norway

Member of the Defense Committee: Ingo Gädechens.

Since Norway bears the lion's share of the project, the country is also getting the first boats. "Germany will then get boats three and six from this series," explains Ingo Gädechens (CDU). The member of the Bundestag is a member of the Defense Committee and, according to his own statements, signed the declaration of intent in Oslo in 2017 that both countries want to build submarines together. His joy was correspondingly great: "As a Schleswig-Holstein resident, I am delighted that this contract came about because it secures the TKMS shipyard in Kiel for several years. In addition, both countries show that they have a submarine Want to become a nation. "

The signatures are still missing

Norway's Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen said the contract had been decided but not yet signed. In Germany, too, parliament has yet to approve the project, although this is purely a matter of form. "The U212CD project contributes to the strengthening of the security and defense industry in the field of the key technology of naval shipbuilding in Germany. In the context of this procurement project, it can also be assumed that there will be very high added value in Germany high-quality jobs secured, "announced the Federal Ministry of Defense.

Germany and Norway have been working together on submarines for years. For example, Norwegian sailors are trained in Eckernförde. The future systems are so identical that Norwegian sailors could serve on German submarines. With the two new submarines of the type 212CD, according to Ingo Gädechens, the older boats of the German Navy are to be gradually replaced.

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