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Study brands Facebook, Instagram and Tinder as the largest data collectors

The security provider Clario has examined the data collection of apps from popular social networks, online retailers, streaming services and financial service providers. According to the study, Facebook shows the greatest interest in user data, followed by Instagram and the dating app Tinder. WhatsApp and TikTok are assumed to have a comparatively low tendency to collect data.

For the study, Clario divided the collected data into different categories such as name, age, address, gender. Information such as salary, friends, hobbies, allergies and even body characteristics such as weight and height were also taken into account. The company then determined which categories an app's data collection covers.

Facebook is now the leader here with a share of 70.59 percent. The social network only leaves out details typical of finance and health apps, such as height, weight, salary and bank account details. In addition, Facebook does not ask for the mother's maiden name, the country of birth and details about health and allergies.

Compared to Facebook, Instagram manages without data on religion, sexual orientation, relationship status and race. Otherwise, the picture service also shows a broad interest in the data of its users and brings it to 58.82 percent. In comparison with 55.88 percent, the dating app Tinder shows an almost economical use of data.

In twelfth place is the Lidl Plus app from the German supermarket chain Lidl with 32.35 percent. In addition to comprehensible data such as email address, location (for branch search) and name, users should also store bank details and provide information on allergies. However, the data collection is apparently comprehensible here, since people with food allergies also shop at the discounter.

WhatsApp landed in 44th place with 11.76 percent. In fact, the messaging app is content with little information, including email address, name and telephone number. The app from the porn website Pornhub was even more modest. At 5.88 percent, it is one of the bottom two in the statistics. It only asks about the type of device used and general interests.

“At the top of the list of data collectors, probably unsurprisingly, is Facebook. As a social network, they rely on you to give them access to all of your data so that they can recommend you friends, let people know it's your birthday, suggest groups to join, and most importantly, can advertise for you ”, says a press release from Clario.

Incidentally, according to the study, the most frequently requested question is the email address. 93.75 percent of the apps store this information.

In this context, Clario points out that many consumers do not even know exactly what data is being collected about them and how the providers of apps handle this information. In the target group of 18 to 34 year olds, which is important for dating apps, this proportion is said to be 97 percent.

“It's no secret that companies trade their users' data. We are all guilty of accepting the terms and conditions without perhaps reading them as carefully as we should, ”commented Alex Maklakov, CIO at Clario. "But we want everyone to know what information the apps take from their customers and save."