Why is my crush helping me

My crush has someone else! And now?

Over there he stands: The god, the Adonis, the cutest boy in the world, who will melt your heart. You'd kiss every inch of the ground he stood on, let alone himself! Unfortunately, his tongue is in another person right now ...

Aah! There it is again!

The cutest are still the worst, aren't they? He, this one boy, one of the three billion on this planet, he just stole your heart and now you have nothing left to give away, as much as you would like to do this. As long as he doesn't give it back, you have no chance.

But the worst thing is that the current owner doesn't even appreciate this property. He outright disregards him because he still has a heart. Namely that the person who follows him like a shadow is always standing next to him - and is allowed to kiss him! He already has someone - and every time he smiles at his significant other, hydrochloric acid drips onto your heart and slowly trickles down it.

You're not even being looked at with your ass! How dare he And how can life be so unfair? And how can a person endure that, every day ?!

Um, hmm, who exactly is he kissing?

10 tips against lovesickness

Everyone knows it, everyone has had it before - it's just part of it: lovesickness. But what actually helps against it? How do you quickly recover from heartbreak? dbna has collected some tips for you.

Ehhh !!! He kisses a girl !!! How can he !?

And then, of all things, you fell in love with a heterosexual couple to make the misfortune complete. Well, he could still be bi ... But how likely is that when he's fervently slapping this homo sapiens female? Nobody wants to believe in it. And moreover, it is a torture to ask such questions, because then the doubts never stop.

You see: he kisses a girl - and that means a lot. For example, that it is very likely that it would never have worked out with the two of you. Ergo you never had a chance. And even if you tried, you would be very unhappy with it. Yeah, it's a shame, but there are damn cute straight people out there. Fate has a very black sense of humor when it comes to lingering, but unfortunately that is one of the things in life that you cannot and probably should not change.

Accept it! Be glad that you didn't get a rebuff and enjoy the little eye candy that comes your way every day. Oh, and reclaim your heart, it really has no place in the hands of a hete!

Hyped. Loved? Lied!

A new and particularly lousy scam can be observed among the dating trends: hyping. At first it looks like great love, but then everything turns out differently.

Ohh! But that's a boy !!!

Your hormones are already looking for one of the few gays in your environment so purposefully - and you masterly manage to ignore all the straight people around him - and then this guy is already taken. Life is a bad joke, yes, but it's not as bad as you think it is.

Sure, fate gave you a good kick in the balls. Your crush is currently out of your reach and you cannot approach them. But the fact that this relationship takes place right in front of your eyes not only means unhappiness for you, you can also learn some positive things from it.

Because these two prove that the desire for a friend that you carry around with you is not a pipe dream. It is possible to find someone and have a working relationship even in public. The proof is in front of you.

Now your crush can't give you their love, but they can do something almost as great: hope. No certainty, but the hope of not being alone any more soon.

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