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Champion comeback thanks to curry

The Golden State Warriors (13-0) find their way into the game after a miserable start on the defensive and, led by MVP Stephen Curry, celebrate an insane comeback victory. The Los Angeles Clippers (7-4) look like the sure winner for a long time, but then experience deja vu with the 117-124 bankruptcy (BOXSCORE).

The Los Angeles Clippers got off to a furious start. Led by an outstanding Chris Paul, who in the end came up with 35 points (13/22 FG) and 8 assists, the first quarter was decided in an impressive manner with 41:25.

The Warriors were long behind the deficit, but a few minutes before the end the champion started a 22-5 run that ultimately decided the game. The player in focus was of course Stephen Curry again, who found it difficult to get into the game, but ultimately won the point guard summit against Paul with 40 points (11/22 FG) and 11 rebounds.

Klay Thompson supported his backcourt partner with 25 points (6/12 FG). It was the first game of the season in which both Thompson and Curry played more than 20 points. Harrison Barnes convinced with 21 points (9/15 FG), Draymond Green got 19 points and 9 assists.

At the Clippers, besides Paul, Blake Griffin was again very conspicuous with 27 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. At the end of the game, however, both superstars were signed off.

With 13 wins at the start of the season, the Dubs only need two wins to set the start record for the Houston Rockets in 1993. The Chicago Bulls will be welcomed on Friday, and Denver will be on Sunday. If you survive these tests, you could set a new record at home against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

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The reactions:

Stephen Curry (Warriors): "We knew the Clippers were strong and could beat us. We just managed to bring our style of basketball back onto the field in the end."

Luke Walton (interim trainer Warriors): "The Clippers played really great. But we pulled ourselves up through the small plays and thus saved our chance. And in the end our superstars played like superstars."

Blake Griffin (Clippers): "This defeat is tough. We made too many mistakes in the end. I wouldn't say it's a big rivalry either. They are the better team at the moment, we also want to go to where the Warriors are."

Doc Rivers (Trainer Clippers): "It was clear to me beforehand that it would be an extremely close game and that in the end the team that kept the intensity up the longest would win. The Warriors didn't give up and in the end made the important throws. The difference to the Warriors is currently that they keep their self-confidence no matter the situation. "

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The SPOX feature film:

Before the tip-off: As expected, Chris Paul returns after his groin problems and leads the Clippers onto the field alongside Crawford, Pierce, Griffin and Jordan from the start. With the Warriors everything is the same: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green and Bogut start.

5.: Paul really gets going like the fire brigade. The point guard responds to the curry triple at the beginning of the game with two of his own triple. With 11 points, Paul leads the Clippers to a 10-0 run and an early 18:10 lead. Time out warriors.

9.: Curry and Green sit on the bench with foul problems. Meanwhile, Paul and Griffin continue the Clippers show and meet from all walks of life. 32:16 Clippers. Absolute horror start for the Warriors.

12.: Paul is now sitting on the bench, but Griffin keeps going. Again he destroys Ezeli with his dynamic in the Low Post. He posts, turns lightning fast and hits the fadeaway at 41:21.

17.: The Warriors find their way into the game a little better. Curry transforms a corner three after a nice pump fake. But on the other side, Rivers is freestanding from a distance and puts the Clippers in the front with a three-point with 55:32.

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23.: The Clippers get bogged down in unnecessary discussions and get two technical fouls. The Warriors still do not work in rhythm, but slowly work their way back into the game with the simplest possible score. Of course, that doesn't help if there are still such dropouts defensively: Griffin serves Johnson, who hits the alley-oop-dunk free-standing. 64:47 Clippers.

28.: Runs on you, Blake! The power forward is covered by Bogut for a change. He pulls the center far out and climbs up from dribbling to a threesome. Inside! It's Griffin's first converted threesome this season. 79:64 Clippers.

32.: The Warriors find their way back into the game. The stops at the back are now successful, at the front there is a lot going on with curry and green. First Curry turned after a strong spin move from close range, then Green passed Smith at speed and shortened to 83:76 with a lay-up.

36.: The Warriors have four seconds left to make their final turn. The clippers are mentally already in the break. So Green stands completely free in the corner and bangs the threesome with the buzzer to 91:85. That should give the warriors courage.

41.: The chaotic game is just not really nice to look at. Both teams fight and focus on the defensive. In the middle of this phase Josh Smith and DeAndre Jordan tear the audience from their seats again with two spectacular slam dunks at 102: 95.

45.: And suddenly it's a shooting festival! Both teams get involved in a three-way exchange. That can't really go well for the Clippers. And so he is not surprising that Thompson finally shoots the champion with a three-point from the dribble with 113: 112 in the lead.

48.: Curry has the mismatch against Jordan and crosses past the center. He follows quickly and blocks Curry, but then lays down too much with his body on the playmaker and provokes the foul. Curry stays safely on the free-throw line. The Clippers don't hit anything up front and so the Warriors bring home the 124: 117 victory.

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The star of the game: Stephen Curry. Who else but the incumbent MVP? Curry had far bigger problems than in other games and initially found it extremely difficult to get points. Instead he produced unnecessary mistakes (7 turnovers) and stupid fouls. But in the end the playmaker was there again and played the Clippers killer with 13 points in the last seven minutes of the game.

The flop of the game: Paul Pierce. The old master was on the field for 32 minutes, but he did not have much influence on the game. In the final phase, Pierce tried to lead the team, but was unsuccessful. In the end there were only 6 points (2/6 FG) on the small forward account.

This was noticed:

  • Curry had to fight two fouls after two stupid ball losses after two minutes and had to hold back in defense. What the Clippers then conjured up on the floor in the first twelve minutes was simply unbelievable. Paul and Griffin could not be stopped in any way and turned over three defenders apparently effortlessly. At the end of the first quarter there were 41 Clippers points (field throw rate: 71 percent), 30 of which came from Griffin and Paul.
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  • After nine minutes, Chris Paul left the field for the first time and immediately received a standing ovation and thunderous applause from the audience in Los Angeles. The reason for this? At that time he had already burned 18 points with a perfect throw rate (7/7 FG) and 4 assists on the floor.
  • The Warriors got into foul problems early on in important positions and the Clippers took advantage of this mercilessly. When Curry had to be careful after two early fouls, Paul was the main player. When Draymond Green picked up his fourth foul after just 30 seconds in the third quarter, the Spalding immediately went to Griffin in the Low Post. Especially the foul problems of Green caused a lot of problems for the Warriors.
  • "We have to bring out our championship defense", Draymond Green scolded his team during a break in the second quarter. For a long time, little was seen of the valuable championship defense. Especially at the perimeter, the clippers were given too many opportunities. In the second half, however, the master increased his intensity again. The result: The Clippers hardly got any easy points. Golden State found its way back into the game through defense and ultimately shone on the offensive as well. In the final quarter, it was finally the champion who torched the offensive show.
  • The referees apparently didn't want to let any hectic rush arise in this delicate duel from the start and whistled very petty. In any case, the concept worked. The spectators saw a game that was often mixed up with lots of fouls, but it never got really heated.

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