Why do companies advertise things

Elbdudler analysis:
10 things you should know about Facebook and Instagram ads

Clicks on Facebook only cost half as much as on Instagram. External links are also less popular there. Nevertheless, Instagram has its justification: When it comes to brand awareness, image and the start of a communication campaign.

6. Engagement and Ad Recall Lift: This is where Instagram is better

Ads on Instagram are obviously more noticeable, so users are more concerned with them.

7. The spending on mobile advertising adapts to usage

It's about time. Mobile advertising spending lagged behind actual usage for a long time. Campaigns must also work on the move, otherwise the effort is not worth it. Now the only question is: "Mobile first" or "mobile only"?

8. The desktop prices are increasing more than on the mobile screen

The cost-per-clicks for Facebook Ads are increasing - especially on the desktop. Since the weight is shifting towards mobile, the clicks on the desktop are particularly competitive - and therefore expensive.

9. Higher budgets = higher prices

No discounts on Facebook, that's one reason. Those who want to spend more money take part in more auctions, including more sought-after ones. That explains the higher cost.

10.Carousel ads are inexpensive

Lots of space for little money - and good engagement figures, that's what distinguishes Carousel Ads.


"Overall, our evaluation paints a clear picture: Even if the costs for reach have risen steadily, channels like Facebook and Instagram still offer an almost unbeaten efficient way to reach the respective target groups of a brand. In 2-3 years you will certainly look back wistfully at the current costs ”, so Rodja Schmitz-Hübsch, Managing director advice at Elbdudler.