What's Draco Malfoy's bastard


I looked up and heard children laughing, but where from? I got up and followed the voices and saw 3 small children. A blonde boy, a brunette girl, and another boy who was a bit chubby. Sure ... it was Draco Malfoy, my brother Gregory, and me. Lilian Goyle. Back when the world was still uncomplicated. When feelings didn't matter and we could just be little kids.

My annoying alarm clock pulled me lovelessly out of my dream, what a shame ... My mother's voice could already be heard from below, telling me that I should finally get up. "Your 5th year at Hogwarts is finally starting today!" Yeah, yeah, Hogwarts ... as if the barrack wasn't boring enough. At least I can finally see Blaise again, who I haven't seen for the whole vacation. I miss him.

Blaise and I have been a couple since the end of sophomore year, and he's the reason Hogwarts seems a little more bearable. But when I think about seeing Malfoy again, I get a headache. It's hard to believe that we used to be friends. He's become such an arrogant, selfish block of ice since we got to Hogwarts. For this reason I only talk to him when it comes to the bare minimum. But this turns out to be harder than expected every time, because firstly he is friends with my brother and secondly our parents are best friends or something. That means they're here all the time. Accordingly, so is Draco. The only good thing is that Draco doesn't think any different of me. However, thanks to Gregory, he left his remarks to me.

But now I don't waste another thought on this idiot. I apply make-up subtly and tie my hair in a braid.
Here you can see what I look like.

Since I won't put on my uniform until the train, black jeans and a green top were enough for me.
My brother and mother were already waiting for me downstairs. Not my father, of course ... but what else can I expect. Definitely another very important meeting ...