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Emigration to Hungary at a glance

Plus points

Some of the advantages of living in Hungary are obvious: The proximity to Germany and Austria enables you to quickly visit relatives and friends in your home country. Even without direct knowledge of the Hungarian language, immigrants can get along well with German in some areas. Many Hungarians close to the border with Austria even speak the language themselves. A culture shock is not to be feared, as the country is also culturally close to Germans.

Since the former Eastern Bloc country Hungary joined the EU in 2004, the country's infrastructure has been continuously expanded. Industries such as automotive suppliers are on the upswing.

Since the cost of living in Hungary is cheaper than in Western Europe, the country's sights and leisure activities can also be enjoyed on a smaller budget. Good cuisine and numerous thermal baths also contribute to a good quality of life.

Health insurance

For Germans who have statutory health insurance in their home country, there is also insurance coverage in Hungary. However, the health insurance benefits do not meet the German standard in all respects. Anyone who is permanently employed in Hungary automatically becomes a member of the Hungarian statutory health insurance and receives a membership card. With this, all services provided by the Hungarian health system can be used. Self-employed people can escape the constraints of expensive German health insurance companies and get insurance for around 30 euros a month.

Entry requirements

As a citizen of the EU, you can enter Hungary without a visa and stay in the country for up to 90 days. In order to emigrate, a residence permit must be applied for at the responsible immigration authority.

Freedom factor

Hungary is less populated than Germany. The country has beautiful stretches of land and lower property prices. The Danube Swabian Baranya, Budapest and Lake Balaton are the most attractive destinations for emigrants. But especially in rural areas there is cheap living space and opportunities to build something up. The hurdles to realizing the dream of having your own house are lower than in Germany.

For whom the country is particularly suitable

You can lead a relatively comfortable life with a net income of around 1,000 euros. Families with a low German income can therefore live comparatively well in Hungary. The same goes for retirees. With modest financial means, they can spend a pleasant retirement age. Older people also enjoy discounts in everyday life, such as free use of the train (applies to customers over 65). The presence of a large number of thermal baths can have a positive effect on the healing of diseases and thus also increases the quality of life. The fact that German is often spoken in everyday life and at government offices is also very beneficial for older people without language skills. Favorable real estate prices and a pleasant climate also have a positive influence on the target groups mentioned.

Hungary is ideally suited as a country of emigration for various professional groups, including digital nomads, self-employed, IT specialists, doctors, engineers, logisticians and executives. Pensioners can also spend their well-earned retirement time at Lake Balaton and achieve a high standard of living even with a rather low pension.

Job opportunities

In tourism, those who speak German or English in addition to Hungarian have good job opportunities. Regardless of the industry, wages are generally lower than in Germany, namely just a third of the wages in Germany. However, if you are a freelancer or self-employed and earn your money in euros, you can get more for your money in Hungary.

Work-life balance, health, quality of life

Hobby cooks and connoisseurs will love Hungary. Because in addition to the breathtaking buildings, the country is also known for its exceptionally good cuisine and excellent wines. In addition, Hungary has various nature reserves where you can recharge your batteries for the new working week on a day off.

The cost of living is very low compared to the EU, so as an emigrant you can treat yourself to some luxury here and there. The rental prices are also tempting and even a home near Lake Balaton is affordable. With a few hundred euros per month you can lead a very comfortable life without restrictions.