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10 reasons why skippered yacht charter is the perfect choice for your next vacation

10 reasons why skippered yacht charter is the perfect choice for your next vacation

1.) If you have never been on a sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht before.

Charter a boat with a skipper is perfect for first-time sailers! Your skipper will make sure you enjoy your vacation and will show you how to use boat toilets, where to find life jackets, and even how to steer a boat if that's interesting to you!

2.) Discover new destinations

Even if you are a seasoned sailor or boater, you can still be a little overwhelmed with new destinations. Professional skippers will make your vacation relaxing and you will get inside information on the best restaurants serving fresh local food, where to put the hidden anchor lines in front of the crowded restaurants, or the best places to relax. Local skippers are also knowledgeable about local winds and weather conditions. So if you have never sailed to Croatia, Greece, Turkey or Italy, we recommend renting a skipper for the first time - and you will enjoy your vacation!

3.) If you want to try something new

Have you been a hotel guest for years? Spending 7 days in one place sounds a little boring? We recommend skipper charter - depending on your budget and preferences, you can book a sailing yacht with skipper, catamaran or motor yacht and you will never be bored again during your vacation. The skipper will customize the route according to your preferences, so you can choose between a gourmet yacht trip, a relaxing vacation with more swimming in the hidden coves, or a party vacation. If you want to see ancient cities and places, the decision is entirely yours!

4.) If you want to relax during your vacation

If you already have a sailing certificate but just want to relax on your vacation and have someone else take care of the controls, the berth, the marina and the booking of restaurants, skippered yacht charter is the perfect choice for your yachting vacation.

Pay attention to berths? Not your ideal way to relax ... no problem, your skipper will take care of all these formalities and ensure safety on board. Find space in overcrowded bays? It is no longer your problem, all of these things will be taken care of by your skipper and together you will create a sailing route to your liking.

5.) If you don't have a sailing certificate in your vacation spot

Maybe you are a great sailor but your sailing license is not accepted in the country you want to sail? In Croatia some licenses are not accepted (in 2017 none of the Australian licenses were accepted, so most of the customers without a RYA license or similar have booked a yacht with a skipper)

Skippered yacht charter is the perfect option - you will see the destination through the eyes of a local and explore the best anchorages when you rent a skippered boat.

6.) If you want to try new things

If you've never vacationed with a crew before, you can try Croatia, Greece, Turkey or Italy with skipper charter to discover new destinations.

7.) To refresh your sailing knowledge

Even sailors who have been sailing for 10 years sometimes rent a boat with a skipper. 10 years X 1 week is not a great experience comparing 20-25 weeks per year that a professional skipper spends on boats. Not only are the experienced, professional skippers trained for rough weather, most of them are professional sailors too. Many sailors therefore decide to rent a skipper for a week to refresh themselves or to learn better maneuvering and sailing techniques.

8.) If you have inexperienced crew on board

Sometimes you are in a situation where none of your friends have ever sailed, or they have very little knowledge about boating and sailing. It can be very frustrating at times and you just don't want to take on all of these responsibilities, especially during your vacation when you need to relax. In this case the professional skipper is again a good choice for your Yacht Charter vacation. After all, you won't be the only person on board who knows how to catch the tethers or how to steer the boat.

9.) If you want to explore the destination as local

Nobody can explore a place like a local. The language bar will make even the best sailors, not locals. If you want to experience the destination as a local, explore the best local places in the cheapest and best local restaurants and not just those reserved for tourists - yacht charter with professional local skipper is a good choice.

10.) If you want to switch from sailing yachts to catamarans or motor yachts

If you already have a certificate and some experience on sailing yachts, but would like to try a catamaran or motor yacht - even if you have a corresponding certificate, we recommend that you hire a professional skipper for the first time. Together with a professional skipper, you can practice maneuvering and entering the marina so that the next time you are trained to pilot a catamaran or motor yacht.