Will Minecraft ever have a final update?

Minecraft: Version for Windows Phones will not be further developed

Microsoft bought Minecraft a few years ago and offers the blockbuster hit for all conceivable platforms and in various versions. It is of course remarkable that the Redmond company is giving up the version for its own mobile operating system - but that is not surprising.

Development stopped

At least that's what insiders told Windows Central, the well-known blog was able to confirm this according to its own statements with the help of several sources "familiar with the matter". Accordingly, Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be actively developed.

However, this does not mean a complete end, the mobile Minecraft should still be available in the Windows Store. In principle, this freezes the development status. Whether that plays such a significant role in a game like Minecraft is questionable.

The decision is certainly not surprising, because the number of players on Microsoft's mobile platforms is said to have been negligible recently. So working on new content and updates was certainly no longer economical.

The future lies in big Windows 10

Windows Central also points out that it's pretty clear that the Windows mobile future lies in full Windows 10 on ARM. Microsoft and Qualcomm recently introduced the Snapdragon 835, the first chipset of this type that fully supports Windows 10 (albeit with the help of "tricks" such as emulation).

This means that Minecraft will live on mobile in the future via the Windows 10 version, so it can be assumed that Microsoft will concentrate on the development of this version.

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