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For example, love, dream, bee, flower, grass, color, thunder, gift, motorcycle


WASSER, noun. No plural: the chemical compound (dihydrogen oxide), the substance H2O in a liquid state, which is composed of hydrogen and oxygen
WASSER, noun. Plurals also possible: see Plural 1, poetic, elevated: for waters
WASSER, noun. Both plural forms, translated, colloquially, partly synonymous: for a lot of liquids, solutions, emulsions, which are similar in their consistency to water as well as bodies of water and waters that are named according to their origin, their occurrence, their intended use and the like
WASSER, noun. Only common in the plural 2 or colloquially Wässerchen: an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruits or other parts of the plant
WASSER, noun. No plural: a measure of purity for diamonds
WASSER, noun. Medicine: abnormal accumulation of body fluids in the tissue
WASSER, noun. Colloquially, short for mineral water, table water
DIRECT WATER TO YOUR OWN MILL, idiom. Work for your own benefit
WATER HAS NO BARS, proverb. Warning to be careful on the water, you cannot hold on, there is a risk of drowning
WATER HAS NO BEAM, proverb. Warning to be careful on the water, you cannot hold on, there is a risk of drowning
CARRYING WATER INTO THE SEA, idiom. To do something pointless; Support something / someone with something, although no support is required
WASSER MARSCH !, interjection. Order to release a water pipe so that the water can flow (especially for the fire brigade)
Sermon water and drink wine, idiom. Demanding (hypocritically) renunciation, restraint, modesty, frugality, etc., but on the contrary, being particularly wasteful, addicting yourself

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