What is the best brand of tractor

The best tractor brands

A good tractor is more than a piece of work equipment: for collectors and tinkerers, a top vehicle is often their pride and joy. In addition to the model, the most important thing is the brand. But which brand is the best? We'll give you a brief overview.

Daimler Benz

As the oldest car brand in the world, Daimler-Benz is a guarantee of quality. In the truest sense of the word, the models of this brand are the Mercedes among the tractors. Farmers around the world value Daimler-Benz tractors for their reliability and good workmanship. Even if the MB-Trac series was only produced until 1991, it is still very popular today and even outshines some of its competitors in 2020.


The Deutz 6806 tractors have also aged well. Although the series dates back to the 1970s, countless models are still plowing numerous fields and areas far beyond the borders of Germany. The engine usually runs flawlessly even after 20,000 revolutions and owners can find spare parts at every corner. It is noteworthy that even the Deutz company still offers spare parts for this series, although it will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the coming years.


The third German company in the group is the tractor manufacturer Claas from East Westphalia. Founded well over 100 years ago, Claas is the European market leader for combine harvesters and has a market share of ten percent in Germany in the sale of tractors with over 51 hp. The manufacture of tractors is still a relatively young business for Claas: It was not until 1997 that they manufactured their first model.

John Deere

John Deere is the global leader among tractor manufacturers: with 6,152 registered vehicles, no company in Germany sold more models than the US manufacturer last year. The 50 series from John Deere in particular is almost legendary. These tractors are considered to be extremely robust and particularly ergonomic. Many farmers also praise their good all-round view. Some people only find the cabin furnishings to be spartan.


After John Deere, Fendt is the front runner in Germany with its models. The Fendt Vario 820 has a whopping 207 hp under the bonnet and is considered one of the best tractors in the world. The stable construction and the high pulling force make it a first-class device in every field of application. But other machines from the Bavarian manufacturer are also convincing. High-quality materials meet first-class engineering and lead to top devices.

Case IH

The Case IH brand should also not be missing from the list. The Case IH Steiger / Quadtrac 620 monster machine is particularly worth mentioning here. The tractor brings an unbelievable 692 hp into the field and thus overtakes the competition. Other Case IH models are also bursting with strength, making the brand one of the best in the world.

Image source: © Kirill Gorlov - stock.adobe.com