What's in Hajj Mecca

Hajj is the name of the great pilgrimage in Islam. It leads to Mecca and, as the fifth pillar of Islam, belongs to the rules of life for Muslims.

Many Muslims from all over the world make the long journey at least once in their lives. They all have the same goal: the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. There is no holiday fun waiting for them, but a huge black cube. This is the Kaaba. It consists of a single large room. The building is very important to the Muslims. They believe that the Prophet Abraham built it together with his son Ismail as the first house for Allah. That is why many Muslims feel particularly close to Allah in this place.

Muslims differentiate between the large and the small pilgrimage. The great Hajj pilgrimage always takes place in the month of Dhul-Hijah. This is the last month of the Islamic year.
The little pilgrimage is called Umra. Muslims can do it at any time. However, it is not mandatory and does not replace the Hajj, which every healthy adult Muslim should undertake once in a lifetime if he can afford the trip.

On the way, many rituals help the pilgrims to concentrate fully on Allah and leave their everyday life behind. The Muslims experience first hand that all people are equal before Allah. For him it doesn't matter what skin color they are and whether they are poor or rich. According to the belief of the Muslims, Allah forgives every human being for all sins.

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