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10.06.2020 11:16
German Children's Aid e.V.

(Berlin) - This morning Federal Justice Minister Lambrecht refused to make the so-called sexual abuse of children a crime from the start. She justifies this with the fact that "the courts cannot react appropriately to criminal offenses with only a low level of injustice".

How incompetent does the minister think our judges, whom she presides over, actually? As a lawyer, she should know that laws can also give the courts leeway for so-called less serious cases.
In which "ivory tower" does she actually live that she is unable to develop even a hint of empathy for those affected?
Why does it protect the perpetrators and potential perpetrators more than their victims?
Has she ever looked at the recordings of so-called child porn movies?

It is about setting an example of what those affected by such crimes are worth to our judiciary and our community.
It's about setting an example of what we think of those who engage in sexual violence against the weakest in our society.
This cannot be a less serious crime = a misdemeanor. This can only be a particularly serious offense = a crime in all cases.

Sexual violence - against whomever - must be classified as a particularly serious breach of law. In less serious cases, it should be left to the judge to mitigate the guilt appropriately. In individual cases, if z. B. a relationship between the participants existed and still exists and a criminal liability arises only due to the completion of the 14th year of life of a participant, should in the opinion of Deutsche Kinderhilfe - Die constant Kindervertretung e. V. can also be waived from punishment.

Why is our Ministry of Justice not able to stipulate this in a legal text? "Asks Rainer Becker, CEO of Deutsche Kinderhilfe - Die Permanent Kindervertretung e.V.
"Is it just an inability or is it simply a" no longer comprehensible perpetrator-friendly ideology "that should be maintained here at all costs?
If Ms. Lambrecht withdraws from the fact that the judges do not adequately exhaust the existing legal leeway for such offenses, then as the Federal Minister of Justice she is responsible for ensuring that the judges are appropriately trained, "he adds.

The aim is to enable judges to be more independent through more knowledge and more exchange of experience and not to limit their independence. Why didn't she at least become active here? If so and not noticed behind the scenes, it apparently also failed with a further training obligation for judges.

"Either way, with her statement to the media today, Ms. Lambrecht as Federal Minister of Justice is no longer acceptable for the majority of the people in the country who are supposed to vote for their party in the coming federal elections," Rainer Becker reinforces his position again.

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German Children's Aid e.V.
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Internet: www.kindervertretung.de

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