Is feminism misunderstood why or why not

Almost no other term has as much scope for interpretation as feminism. Everywhere we see and read of controversies that need clarification of terms. What is a feminist at all nowadays? What is a feminist and isn't that a contradiction in terms? We enlighten you.

The state of affairs: what is a feminist?

Equal rights? This is mostly about women, isn't it? Below we will deal with this and others Myths About Feminism to clean up.

1. Myth: Feminists want to undermine men

Not correct. According to the dictionary of foreign words, a feminist is a person who is one "Sees discrimination against women in society and fights against it in private." That doesn't mean that men are socially annihilated in the process. It should only be one Equal treatment will be established.

2nd myth: All feminists are chubby screamers with unsympathetic hairstyles and armpit sweat.

Not correct. But what is a feminist? The feminism movement is no longer led by men-hating women who don't care about their looks. The most famous representatives of modern feminism are Superstars like Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling.

3. Myth: There are no male feminists

Of course there are. Why not? The wonderful Margarete Stokowski, probably one of the most important feminists of today, explains it very simply:

If feminism means that all people should have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of their gender, their sexuality, their body, then all people are free to stand up for them.

But she also admits that feminism is often used by men who drive their daughter to soccer, but their female employees not paying a reasonable salary. You can also find out from us the extent of the anti-feminism movement.

Myth 4: We already have equal rights in Germany

Halfway right. Germany is in a pretty relaxed position to talk shop about feminism. According to the Basic Law, we are all the samewhether male or female. We celebrate International Women's Day and Mother's Day. Women don't have to veil themselves or shut up when a man speaks. We earn (almost) the same as men and are our own mistress. And yet problems like #meToo arise in our modern times.

Researchers have found that we will probably no longer experience perfect equality between men and women. And that's exactly why we need them: the feminists of this country, who don't rest until they have at least brought Germany to the same level as Scandinavia - equality is already there very advanced.

Myth 5: A matriarchy is completely unimaginable

Not correct. Feminism wants to abolish patriarchy and replace it with a more just and replace more equitable corporate form. For many feminists, this is the matriarchy mentioned above: a society in which women make the decisions, but in which men naturally play existential, highly honored roles. An exciting example of a functioning matriarchy is the Mosuo tribe in China.

Myth 6: All feminists agree

Not correct. Unfortunately. Of course there are also feminists huge differences in worldview and exercising their beliefs. There are very different reasons for this: religion, upbringing and profession play important roles. So it is possible that some women confidently use the saying "The Future is Female" walking around on your T-shirt and rolling your toenails up at this saying.

Myth 7: Feminists are advocates of gender mainstreaming

Not correct. Some people throw the modern one Feminism movement and gender mainstreaming in one big pot and then stir properly. Of course, both have something to do with gender and equality. But that's all.

The prejudice and abuse that CIS women face today is very different from what they are Fight queer and gender fluids to have. Anyone who does not want to tell the difference is guilty of ignorance.

Conclusion: misunderstood feminists?

Admittedly. It's not always that easy different currents and opinions to understand and understand within feminism. That's why patient representatives like Margarete Stokowski, DariaDaria or Katrin Bauerfeind explain it to us in Ms. Jordan equates.

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