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Our company philosophy ...

Dear friends, business partners and sympathizers of our

rich in tradition Govindanature, 25 years of high quality

natureproducts, especially in the areas of "healthy sweets",

Ayurveda and naturefood with a focus on alternative meal flours and oils:

This is what we stand for with our name and this is how our big one came into being

Vision of originally natural and healthy nutrition beyond that

conventional food industry.

Babak Jafarian



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Our always strong interest in health and nutrition-related topics, especially from

distant countries, inspires us to this day to continuously develop our offer for you. since

we established ourselves 3 years ago at our location in Birkenfeld in the Hunsrück, we succeed in doing this

even more extensive and professional. Since then, ours have been created with joy and motivation

innovative products that go beyond degenerate, nutrient-poor "sham foods" and their packaging

is actually usually more expensive than the content. More and more consumers and happily increasing

Young people also live more consciously and appreciate our healthy, wide-ranging offer.

Wilhelm Chin

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Flour tiger nuts


Boris Lorenzen


You should pay particular attention to the new branch of natural vital nutrition on p. 5 and

26 place. With these products you can preventively protect your organism and metabolism

and so don't even get embarrassed to get sick or to age prematurely. find here

You products that we ourselves enthusiastically and happily consume and thus guarantee you

with our own experience the digestibility and vitality of this range. Through the

natural fitness series, we are currently even conquering a large number of sports studios and are therefore delighting them

many allergy-plagued professional and recreational athletes or naturefriends.

Olga Mchitarjan


Mario Fehrmann

Dry assortment production


René Duccillo


You can bet on one thing: Govinda with its experienced staff will continue in the future

Set market trends and always provide small, culinary surprises. With pleasure

and confidence, we look ahead and invite you from our exquisite natureproducts too


Your Doris Maiwald, Managing Director

Florian Schmidt


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Our production team

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Govindas novelties

Chufa confectionery

Tigernut specialty

naturesweet tiger nuts and delicious pineapples, two

valuable gifts of the nature. Our special confectionery

has much to offer. Base-forming tiger nut with lots of fiber

in conjunction with those rich in enzymes and minerals


A small shade of lemon brings an optimal taste experience.

The Chufa confectionery also ensures a long feeling of satiety

and is therefore an ideal snack.

802 120 g € 3.95 € 3.29 / 100 g

802A 3 x 100 g € 10.50 € 2.91 / 100 g

Raw food

Raw food

Tigernuts natural

• whole fruits

• untreated

• Raw food quality

• naturally sweet

There is the delicious naturally sweet tuber of the tiger nut grass

now also pure to enjoy.

The very "hard" nut should be soaked in hot water

afterwards you can enjoy this fruit

chew. That dampens hunger and tastes wonderful!

With a soy milk maker, you can make one out of it too

Make very creamy tiger nut milk.

435 250 g € 3.99 € 1.60 / 100 g

435A 3 x 250 g € 10.70 € 1.43 / 100 g

Tigernuts flakes


It couldn't be better ...

Extra large tiger nuts are carefully washed, swollen

and then slowly and gently at one temperature

of < 40°c="" getrocknet.="" behutsam="" in="" feine="" scheiben="">

a unique taste experience. Without any

Ingredients and in a guaranteed raw food quality.

Country of origin: Africa

Ingredients: 100% tiger nut

437 125 g € 4.50 € 3.60 / 100 g

Tigernuts novelty package

1 x Chufa confection, 120 g

1 x natural tiger nut 250 g

1 x tiger nut leaves 125 g

435AS Instead of € 12.44 only € 10.90

Mocca confectionery

➜ vegan

➜ gluten free

➜ only sweetened with agave syrup

➜ lactose free

➜ without added flavor

Learn what it means when a candy is real

is something special. Our unique vegan

Confectionery is unique and melts with it

a heavenly enamel on your tongue before they

reveal their mysterious interior. Who they once

tried it, cannot forget it again - seduction

pure and enjoyment without regrets!

Sweetened only with dried fruit and agave syrup.

The high quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail

are in the foreground during production.

791 100 g € 3.95

791A 6 x 100 g € 21.60 € 3.50 / 100 g

Order easily by phone at: 06782 - 109 67-0 or on the Internet at:


Pure power from the nature

*from controlled organic cultivation

Hemp protein powder see page 26

Sweet Lupine Flour

Highest quality protein in organic quality

For a balanced diet, the intake is

a sufficient amount of high quality protein

essential. The body needs high quality protein

for the entire metabolism: building up, breaking down

and the remodeling of substances. Our special one

Sweet lupine flour with a protein content of approx. 65%

is therefore an ideal food. The organic lupine flour

is very well tolerated .. In organic lupine flour

the sweet lupins are all essential amino acids

contained in a particularly easy-to-use form.

The lupine flour is particularly suitable for vegetarians,

Vegans and raw foodists an excellent plant-based

Source of protein. But athletes also benefit from this

high-quality protein, because it is sustainable

Building muscle promotes endurance and performance


It is free from purines (unfavorable protein compounds)

and thus has a basic effect on the human organism.

In addition to a large number of vital substances, it has

all essential amino acids and a very low one

Starch content. Since the lupine is purine free, it supports

they have a low-purine diet that is used for gout or

other protein-related diseases mandatory

is required. The only exception is here

People who are allergic to legumes

Recommended use:

All the valuable nutrients of the lupine plant

are contained in protein powder lupine. It is at

ideal for all diets. Athletes enjoy it as a

Protein drink. It is very much in sauces, soups and dressings

tasty, but also in breads, cakes and others

It is highly recommended for baked goods.

- For nutritional enhancement: 2 to 3 teaspoons a day

- Children depending on age: ½ to 1 teaspoon a day

- Athletes: up to 6 teaspoons a day

271 300 g Introductory price 6.70 € 2.23 € / 100 g

Rice bran

In the husk (shell) of the rice grain are the

important nutrients of the rice grain: Here we find

countless minerals, vitamins, healthy vegetable fats

and loads of protein. The bran is

thus about the "nutrient store" of the rice grain. The essential ones

B vitamins, vitamins E and K are coming

mainly in the outer layers of the rice grain.

Of nature made from gluten-free. The high fiber content

has a positive effect on digestion.

• The advantageous ones also apply here

Attributes of hemp and lupine flour.

250 200 g € 2.55 € 1.28 / 100g

Chia seeds

Rich in essential fatty acids

Cholesterol-free and especially rich in essentials

OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 fatty acids in

very good relationship. The

Seeds high quality protein, antioxidants,

Minerals and many vitamins.

2 tablespoons of chia seeds a day will guide the body

7 grams of dietary fiber, 4 grams of protein, 200 milligrams

Calcium and an amazing 5 grams of omega-3

-Fatty acids too!

Chia contains powerful antioxidants - these help

not just the body, diseases and free radicals

but also keep the chia seeds up

natural kind fresh without going rancid like

e.g. flaxseed.

The omega-3s improve mental clarity, concentration

and mood.

Decrease the cravings for sweets and

Junk Food - the high content of soluble fiber

gives unrefined carbohydrates to the blood through a

longer period of time.

Allow the body to get rid of more waste products

and take in more nutrients again.

Excellent choice for diabetics.

Chia seeds can help lose weight: In water

soaked and mixed with a dish

Dish more filling, as the seeds are very carbohydrates

Release slowly - but without changing the taste.

747 450 g € 8.85 € 1.97 / 100 g


Organic tiger nuts

Delicious chufas

➜ high in fiber

➜ tasty

➜ gluten-free

➜ free from lactose

➜ finely grind

➜ nut free

Already in ancient Egypt the almond-like

Nodules as food

enjoyed. Under nutritional

A convincing fruit.

With an unusually high fiber content

with very good taste.

Easily digestible vegetable. Protein, minerals,

unsaturated fatty acids and that

Cell protection vitamin E is what makes tiger nuts

a quick energizer.

Due to the exceptionally high fiber content

an effective addition to

Reduction diets due to the significant reduction

the feeling of hunger.

High fiber


Nutritionists use the

Intake of at least 30 g of fiber per

Day recommended, but often achieved

not even 20g, although fiber

an indispensable part really

healthy eating. For a regulated

Bowel movement they are of the utmost importance.


Tigernuts, finely ground

Tigernuts are slightly sweet and taste similar

like almonds.

Whether eaten pure, in muesli, with yoghurt

- deliciously delicious.

Especially for baking cakes and bread

Use ground tiger nuts wherever nuts or

Almonds are in demand.

413 400 g € 7.35 € 1.84 / 100 g

Special price!

413A 4 x 400 g € 26.50 € 1.66 / 100

Tigernut chips

See also page 10

443 100 g € 2.90 € 2.90 / 100 g


Tigernut and chocolate spread

The treatment and is decisive for the quality

Processing of tiger nuts.

This wonderful spread contains over 50% natural sweetness

Tigernuts and fine fair trade cocoa. Through the

naturesweetness of the tiger nuts comes this spread

with only 9% raw cane sugar. It is "suitable for everyone".

Ingredients: Tigernuts, palm oil, raw cane sugar, cocoa,

Soy protein, salt

vegan • lactose-free • rich in fiber

Does not contain nuts

418 jar 220g € 5.95 € 2.70 / 100g

Saver price!

No. 418A 3 x 220 g € 13.90 € 2.10 / 100g

Pampering experience

Tigernut cream

The first nut-free

Spread without

Added sugar gets by.

A wonderful spread for breakfast, finely nutty

Taste and still nut-free.

Completely without added sugar, but still sweet because of that

aromatic inherent sweetness of the extraordinary tuber fruit.

The naturally sweet tiger nuts contain almost

all substances that the body needs to live.

The ancient Egyptians already valued the tubers

of tiger nut grass. Children and foodies love it

the creamy-sweet taste and the spreadable consistency,

rounded off with fine bourbon vanilla. Also as

Fillings for cakes, pancakes and biscuits. Ingredients:

Tigernuts, sunflower oil, bourbon vanilla.

➜ Nut-free

➜ Without sugar

➜ Spreadable

412 250 g € 5.95 € 2.38 / 100 g

412A 3 x 250 g € 13.90 € 1.85 / 100 g

Tigernuts package

1 x tiger nut 400 g

+ 1 x Chufella 220 g

+ 1 x tiger nut chips 100 g

+ 1 x tiger almond cream 250 g

413 AS instead of € 22.15 only € 19.90

Order easily by phone at: 06782 - 109 67-0 or on the Internet at:


Tigernut breakfast

Bio base time

quickly prepared

Mix with water and squeezed banana

tastes warm and cold

no added sugar

*from controlled organic cultivation

Chufli Basic

Gluten free

2 min

Health is the most valuable asset - start that

Day with wholesome food.

The intense aroma of dried apples, figs and

Apricots enchants our senses. The delicate consistency

flatters the tongue. Enjoyment with all your senses. Appetizing

and your breakfast is presented in style

Add fresh fruit. You will be most pleasant

be surprised. For approx. 12 meals

• No grains whatsoever - gluten-free

• No added sugar

• Rich in minerals

• Rich in fiber, base-forming

• Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Ingredients: quinoa flakes, tiger nuts, teff flakes,

Hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat flakes,

Diced apples, apricots, figs

258 500g € 6.95 € 1.39 / 100g

Chufli Tibet

Without wheat

In Tibet, food is a gift - the barley (Demeter-

Quality) is carefully roasted, finely ground and

has an aroma reminiscent of malt coffee. A staple food

the Tibetan. High fiber tiger nuts

ensure the intrinsic sweetness. Tastes slightly nutty and

sweetish. Plums and dates provide the full-bodied

Taste. Ideal as breakfast or dinner,

as snacks and as travel and hiking provisions.

For approx. 12 meals

• Without wheat with barley

• No added sugar

• Rich in minerals

• High in fiber

2 min

Ingredients: grind roasted barley, buckwheat flakes,

Amaranth flakes, ground tiger nuts,

Unpeeled sesame, plums, dates.

254 500g € 6.95 € 1.39 / 100g

A high quality

Baking mix with

'Basic' ingredients

11 very finest ingredients make up the alkaline, gluten-free one

Basis with which you can have a delicious meal in a short time

Can make pastries. Wonderfully fragrant and fresh

baked a pleasure for every day!

What would a trip or a break be without a full-fledged one

Treat? In the afternoon one likes to take

Time for a small tea break, whether in good company or

contemplative for yourself. The pilgrim cuts comes without

any leavening agent such as yeast or baking soda.

Convince yourself of the Govinda-Quality.

11 selected ingredients:

Ground tiger nuts, teff flakes, quinoa flour,

Buckwheat flour, ground chestnuts, chopped almonds,

Cashew nuts chopped, hemp seeds peeled, pineapple,

Sesame seeds, coconut flakes. All ingredients from organic farming.

270 700 g € 10.95 € 1.40 / 100g

Economy pack

270A 3 x 700 g € 28.00 € 1.33 / 100g


chocolate balls

➜ vegan, gluten-free

➜ without added sugar

➜ lactose free

➜ without added flavor

Raw food

Raw food

Chocolate premium

(Raw food)

A quality product made from gently melting cocoa in

Combination with sweet dates - chocolate enjoyment

in perfection. The sweetness of the dates makes them superfluous

any addition of sugar.

Ingredients: dates *, cocoa *, coconut *, sultanas *, vanilla *

878 120g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

878A 6 x 120 g € 23.70 € 3.29 / 100 g

Chocolate light (raw food)

Chocolate dream on earth

A special light product: neither milk nor fats

the cocoa bean are included. Heavily de-oiled cocoa powder

replaces the cocoa beans.

Ingredients: 50% dates *, 40% cocoa powder (heavily de-oiled) *,

Sultanas *

877 120 g € 3.45 € 2.87 / 100 g

877A 6 x 120 g € 18.60 € 2.58 / 100 g

Chocolate ginger

Strong and classy

Finely roasted cocoa beans blend with the aromatic

Ginger a delicacy. Even chocolate alcoholics

are whisked away into a completely new world of pleasure. Ingredients:

Dates *, almonds *, cocoa beans *, cocoa powder *, 2%

Ginger *, vanilla *

869 120 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

869A 6 x 120 g € 23.70 € 3.29 / 100 g

Chocolate nut

Sweet pleasure and sensual pleasure

A combination of roasted cocoa beans and

crunchy nut pieces become a pleasure here

with the Knusperkick. Ingredients: 35% dates *, 35% cocoa beans

roasted *, cashews *, hazelnuts *, sultanas *

873 120 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

873A 6 x 120 g € 23.70 € 3.29 / 100 g

The sweet treat

You get 5 x 120g packs of the ones here

Chocolate varieties shown:

instead of € 21.05 only € 20.00

Chocolate espresso

The happiness kick

The finest Italian espresso ensures more pleasure and

Whim. A noble variant for those little moments in between.

Ingredients: dates *, roasted cocoa beans *,

Cocoa powder *, apricot kernels *, 6.6% coffee powder *,


879 120 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

879A 6 x 120 g € 23.70 € 3.29 / 100 g

The pure energy of the


Govinda offers a new alternative for everyone

which previously avoided chocolate products

have: Chocolate balls - made from

whole raw cocoa beans and only with the finest

Sweetened dried fruits. The carefully fermented

and lightly roasted cocoa beans

are gentle in a patented process

broken open and carefully processed. All

Ingredients are based on their goodness and quality

checked. No heat is used during manufacture

fed so that the valuable ingredients

of the cocoa bean are fully preserved.

Order easily by phone at: 06782 - 109 67-0 or on the Internet at:

805 5 x 120 g € 20.00 € 3.33 / 100 g


Confectionery for connoisseurs

*from controlled organic cultivation

In addition to our popular Laddus and fruit balls, we are looking forward to three new delicious ones

To be able to present confectionery. The top priority when putting together these specialties

for us was the high quality of the ingredients. Handcraft and attention to detail are essential

in the foreground.

Sweetened only with dried fruit or agave syrup.

Paradiso confectionary

Premium top quality

Paradiso is a unique composition with exquisite

Ingredients. Creamy coconut milk and juicy coconut pieces

embedded in fragrant coconut flakes.

Ingredients: coconut *, coconut butter *, agave syrup *

861 100 g € 3.95 € 3.95 / 100 g

861A 6 x 100 g € 21.00 € 3.50 / 100g

• only sweetened with agave

• dairy-free (vegan)

• gluten free

Amaranth confectionary pilgrims


Sahara confectionery

The scent of finely roasted chickpeas with the sweetness of

Dates united - a wonderfully warming confection that

Brings back memories of delicious oriental desserts.

Ingredients: 40% dates *, chickpeas *, coconut butter *,

Agave syrup *, bourbon vanilla *

859 100 g € 3.95 € 3.95 / 100 g

859A 6 x 100 g € 21.00 € 3.50 / 100 g

A strong companion for on the go. For the needs more energy-consuming

Activities developed. To an overacidification of the

We pay special attention to preventing muscles

placed on basic ingredients. In addition, our pilgrim ball contains

there is a lot of energy from the fruit's own sugar in the tiger nuts

very rich in protein. High quality amaranth provides vital substances and

Minerals. An excellent taste with the best digestibility.

Ingredients: dates, cashews, tiger nuts, amaranth, coconut butter,

Psyllium husks, cocoa nibs, hemp seeds

880 120 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g


Chestnut confectionery

Freshly roasted chestnuts make this tender sweet one

Taste off. Cinnamon gives the confectionery a delicious

Grade. The velvety caramel scent enchants yours


Coconut butter *, 25% chestnuts *, chickpeas *,

Agave syrup *, cinnamon *

858 100 g € 3.95 € 3.95 / 100 g

858A 6 x 100 g € 21.00 € 3.50 / 100 g

The snack package: 1 x Paradiso-,

Sahara and chestnut sweets

870 3x 100 g instead of € 11.85 only € 10.60 € 3.20 / 100 g

... delicious variation with high-quality natural cocoa

Raw food quality nibs. Refined recipe made from high quality

Ingredients. Fits in every backpack, no matter how small, and helps

required energy supply during physical exertion to perfect

Way to cover. A little treat always with you!

Ingredients: dates, cashews, tiger nuts, amaranth, coconut butter,

Psyllium husks, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, hemp seeds

793 120 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

Provision set:

2 x pilgrim balls basic and chocolate

880A 6 x 120 g € 15.80 € 3.20 / 100 g

The high quality, handwork and attention to detail are in the foreground during production.

Sweetened only with agave syrup


The pure energy of cocoa

Raw cocoa powder

- mildly chocolaty


The "food of the gods" is loosely translated as cocoa. Legends and myths have accompanied this since time immemorial. Our

high-quality cocoa powder made from the finest of all beans "Criollo" comes from Peru. The dark brown color and the easy

tart taste with a hint of flowers and a hint of fruit make this gift of the nature

unique and versatile in use at the same time. Our patented gentle manufacturing and drying process

guarantee the full aroma as well as the rich nutrient spectrum and the full raw food guarantee. Ideal for the

Making confections, cakes, smoothies, pudding, ice cream and much more! Fairly traded with close contact with the

Farmers' cooperatives on site and of course from organic farming.

783 100 g € 2.90 € 2.90 / 100g


Raw cocoa beans

- hand peeled

Premium raw cocoa beans

from the Indonesian rainforest

Our selected and peeled cocoa beans come from

the island of Bali where they are using one of the most sustainable farming methods

be cultivated: the permaculture. Permaculture is

a concept based on the creation of permanently functioning,

aims at natural cycles. The farmers cultivate

various types of cocoa exclusively from fair trade

Organic cultivation. These are not roasted, but

gently dried so that their abundance of nutrients in your

original shape is preserved. For this you will be gentle

fermented and hand peeled. A colorful, aromatic one

Mixture with an incomparably mild taste experience

in raw food quality.

769 200 g € 12.80 € 6.40 / 100g

Cashew cocoa nibs clusters

- with cashew nuts, cocoa nibs and

Coconut blossom sugar

The raw cashew nuts and cocoa nibs are in the

Sugar dipped and got per in the dehydrator

Air circulation gently removes the moisture.

This results in caramelization at a maximum of 50 ° C


All ingredients except the salt come from permaculture cultivation,

the sea salt is per on the beach in Bali

Hand scooped.

The cashew nuts used are individually hand-opened,

peeled the skins by hand and then

germinated two days so that they are no longer heavy in the


746 125 g 7.70 € 6.16 € / 100g

Raw food

Cocoa nibs

Broken raw cocoa beans.

The pure energy of cocoa.

Our “Criollo” variety is considered the finest among them

Cocoa varieties, little bitter substances and a little

They are characterized by acidity. The beans are very

full-bodied in taste and have a nice

Cocoa note.

Pure to nibble, even children like to eat them. Great

Enjoyment in muesli. Together with dried fruits

enjoy, for decorating for desserts and of course

for baking cakes. Raw food quality.

794 100 g € 4.40 € 3.66 / 100 g

nature-Coa package

1 x raw cocoa powder 120 g

1 x raw cocoa beans 200 g