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Stations in Malaysia and the surrounding area

Sunny Cars is on site at more than 8,000 stations in more than 120 countries. Click on the desired station for the exact address and contact details.

At these car rental stations, others take over their rental cars for Malaysia

Where should your vacation trip begin? Here are our top locations for Malaysia. Pick up your rental car at one of our most popular stations and drive off.

Malaysia and the surrounding area

Malaysia is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and consists of two parts of the country separated by the South China Sea. The predominantly Islamic West Malaysia, which is economically well developed, lies between Thailand and Singapore.

About 600 kilometers to the west is the rainforest East Malaysia, in the north of the island of Borneo. Malaysia, which is rich in natural resources such as rubber and palm oil, was an important trading post centuries ago. The Malay Peninsula has served as a stopover for merchants from China and India since the earliest times. Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British left their mark on the region through conquests, trade relations and colonization.

Left-hand traffic is a legacy of British colonial rule. The road network in Malaysia is among the best in Southeast Asia. So don't let yourself be stopped and discover the many sights and special features of the modern and inexpensive travel destination with your rental car from Malaysia. The Malay culture is said - precisely because of the mixture of different peoples - a great openness and a special friendliness to the people.

Visit the capital Kuala Lumpur with its many contrasts or the city of Melaka on the southwest coast of the peninsula. The islands of Penang and Tioman are also worth a trip. The latter, located on the east coast, is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.


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Payment for your rental car: Here's how it works.

When booking online, we offer you the option of paying with PayPal, amazon pay, paydirekt, direct debit or credit card. We will only debit your account 14 days before the start of the rental period. You can book your rental car today. You don't have to pay for it until later.

I would like to rent a certain type of car. Is the?

Unfortunately, no. We only guarantee you the category of the rental car. The model types presented are examples so you can see which type of car falls into this category. Of course, all of our rental cars are quality vehicles and you are sure to get a comparable vehicle.

* Would you like accessories such as a child seat or a GPS for your rental car? We can usually arrange these extras for you for a fee. We will inform you of the costs incurred during the booking process. Sometimes it is not possible to book the accessories online. Online booking of hotel delivery, border crossing, lowering or raising of the minimum or maximum age or booking an additional driver is currently not possible. A corresponding fee may also be incurred for picking up and dropping off your rental car outside of the regular business hours of the rental company, which you will be advised of in the booking process. This is also paid directly to the vehicle fleet provider on site. If you have any questions about hotel delivery or about picking up and dropping off your rental car outside of regular business hours, please contact our reservations department on +49 (0) 89/82 99 33 900. Our staff will be happy to help you with booking the additional services mentioned above.

** Note: Sunny Cars assumes no liability for incorrect or incorrectly presented information. We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

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