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Instructions for removing wall stickers

Can a wall tattoo actually be removed again without leaving any residue without damaging the surface? You are probably asking yourself this question after the bonding process was explained to you in detail on the last few pages. For example, if you are at home in a rented apartment, you fear any renovation work that you would have to do if the wallpaper were damaged. Perhaps you would like to change the wall tattoo regularly and therefore attach great importance to an uncomplicated removal of the wall tattoo motif.


Instructions: how to remove a wall sticker

The following instructions will show you that the removal of a wall sticker is just as easy as the previous installation. The motifs can be removed from the wall in a few minutes without the annoying adhesive residue remaining on the wallpaper or even damaging it. The wall tattoo can be removed in a few simple steps and therefore replaced as often as you like.

Peel and remove the wall sticker

Lift up and peel off the wall sticker

The wall tattoo can be easily removed from the wall with tweezers or delicate nail scissors. Simply slide the scissors or tweezers under one of the edges of the motif, which should then peel off easily. Carefully pull the wall sticker off the wall and repeat this step as often as necessary if you have used a wall sticker that consists of several individual parts. If the motif is still difficult to remove, heat the adhesive using a hair dryer. The ability to stick is reduced by the strong warming and the wall sticker can be easily removed with the help of tweezers or scissors.

Simply peel off the wall sticker after removing it

Normally, wall tattoos can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue from the pasted surface. Complications rarely occur and small particles of the motif can remain on the wall. So try to remove the wall sticker carefully and slowly so that it can be completely detached from the wall. If you notice that parts of the wall paint or wallpaper come off when you remove the motif, heating up the wall sticker can help. The adhesiveness is reduced and the removal of the wall sticker is made easier.

Wall tattoos cannot be reused after they have been peeled off

If you have finally removed the wall sticker from the wall, it is impossible to use the motif again. The film is damaged and deformed when it is removed, so further assembly is impossible. So really only remove the wall sticker if you are absolutely sure that you want to do without this decorative highlight.

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