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Full-time work: What full-time employees should consider

Exist in Germany countless types of employment relationships between employees and employers. Of A for temporary work to Z for temporary work almost everything is represented. What they all have in common is this: the employee provides one certain achievementfor which he received from the employer accordingly rewarded becomes.

Among other things, the Time limit of the employment relationship or the agreed working hours. The most common are probably in Germany Full-time or part-time jobs. But in what distinguish are these two models actually in detail? And what's under Full time understand exactly?

In a nutshell: full-time

When is it a full-time job?

If an employee works full-time, which is customary in the respective company, he works full-time. A 40-hour week is common.

When can I switch from full-time to part-time?

If you have been working for a company with more than 15 employees for more than six months, you are entitled to switch from full-time to part-time.

Can I also go back to full-time from part-time?

On January 1, 2019, a new law on so-called “bridge part-time” was introduced, which makes it easier for employees to return to full-time from part-time.

You will find both one in the guide Definition of the term "full-time" as well as information on what to look out for when you do go from full-time to part-time or from a part-time return to a full-time position want. We also explain whether it is allowed to work full-time in addition to working more jobs exercise.

What does "full time" mean? Definition of the term

From one Full time work is by definition when an employee who full working hours is active, which is customary in his company. Are for example eight hours five days a week the rule (so in total 40 hours a week), employees with these working hours are Full-time employees.

Depending on the industry and tariff, you can between 36 and 40 hours per week be considered full-time work. Are in a company 35 hours It is common practice, but this number of hours can also be one Establish a full-time job. As soon as your working hours are below the current value in the company, you work no longer full-time, but part-time. This also lasts Section 2 of the Part-Time and Temporary Employment Act (TzBfG) firmly:

An employee whose regular weekly working hours are shorter than those of a comparable full-time employee is employed part-time. "

Going from full-time to part-time: what are the requirements?

In general, every German employee is entitled by law to his or her own Reduce working hours and therefore no longer work full-time, but in Part time. This is particularly useful during or after parental leave when employees more time with your offspring want to spend.

However, in order to be allowed to work part-time and no longer full-time, you must certain requirements be fulfilled:

  1. The employment relationship must have been since more than six months consist.
  2. Are in operation more than 15 employees employed (trainees are not counted).

Do you want to switch from full-time to part-time and the conditions just mentioned apply, you should give your boss this request at least three months in advance notify in writing. The respective application should also contain information on how many hours you would like to reduce your working hours and how these should be distributed. You are not obliged to reasons indicate why you are no longer want to work full-time.

If the employer approves your part-time application, it should become one appropriate adjustment in the employment contract come. By the way: If your boss rejects the application not at least one month before the scheduled start date in writing, the working hours are reduced automatically at the hours you want. This means Section 8 (5) TzBfG.

Is there a right to return from part-time to full-time?

So easy in certain cases it may be to go from full-time to part-time, so difficult the whole thing is partially shaped the other way round. This is due to the fact that no legal claim on that exists To extend working hours. Of course you can Seek a conversation with your employer and let him know if you are again as a Full-time employee want to work.

However, he is not obliged to comply with your request. Section 9 of the TzBfG only states that the boss must give preference to you, should one Full-time position in the company become vacantif you have told him in advance that you would like to work longer again. Already in the year 2016 put that Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs however, a draft law temporary part-time work in front.

To the January 1, 2019 it should finally be ready and the so-called "Part-time bridge" to be introduced. The TzBfG should be one by then Entitlement to temporary part-time work can be added to make it easier for workers to return switch to full-time work can.

Part-time job alongside full-time work: is that allowed?

Be it because of the Money, a desired Change from the actual job or from pure Fun in joy: There are always employees who work full-time and additionally a part-time job exercise. The Institute for Employment Research according to go approx. 2.2 million employees in Germany after work or on the weekend one Sideline to.

You should, however note certain pointsso that the full-time position not endangered becomes. For example, is in employment contract noted that the employer about it must be informed or the whole thing must be approvedBefore you take on another job as an employee, you should definitely do the same stick to it. Otherwise you are threatened with one Warning or in the worst case, a termination because you did not respond to them contractual obligations have held.

Employers are allowed to Second jobs besides full-time work do not prohibit a blanket, but it suits them in certain situations to prevent them. That would be the case, for example, if you were in your spare time work for a competing company or the part-time job ensures that the Full-time work suffers.

Do you get z. B. Not getting enough sleep because you work at night and then the next day in the office useless for anything your boss is usually entitled to give you the Prohibit part-time job.

Who as Civil servant or public service works full-time, by the way, has to apply stricter regulations keep and get a possible sidelinealways get approvedbefore he takes it on.
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Full-time work: What full-time employees should consider
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