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Fired - How do big companies like Google or Facebook fire their employees?

It is every employee's nightmare: suddenly and without warning, to be without a job. Word has long got around that poor performance is not always the reason why you have to leave a company overnight. The reasons are far more diverse and a timely or immediate termination is not always justified.

Even those who work in large companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple or others do not necessarily have to be left in the dry and do not have to fear for their job. Quora now preoccupied with the question of how the giants in the industry are doing layoffs.

The unexpected often comes

Quora gave volunteers the opportunity to share their own discharge story anonymously or freely. A recurring pattern: The layoffs from large companies often came unexpectedly for those affected, from one day to the next. A sudden phone call and the appointment to the boss and the HR manager usually heralded the end in the respective company. Still others found out in an almost curious way that they no longer work for a company - they came to work in the morning as usual, only to find that their security card, which is often used in large companies, no longer allowed them entry. The technology therefore knew before the employees that they were no longer employed here.

But the discharge does not come as a surprise for everyone. An ex-employee of Microsoft reported on Quora, for example, that especially colleagues with a high position in sales and thus also a high salary were sitting on a sawed-off flagpole. The termination followed gradually, according to this anonymous ex-employee. Most of the time, the person concerned received a very low rating one year after their last promotion. A warning shot, so to speak, which already gave the initiated the first sign that it was time to look around for a new job. In the second year, the said sales employee was dismissed in most cases because of "poor performance".

The discharge procedure

As a rule, no one can easily cancel an existing contract. Nonetheless, large and small companies alike often have ways and means of getting rid of an unwanted employee in another way - sometimes for whimsical reasons. In Germany, termination without notice is only possible under very precisely defined conditions, but in the USA, due to the non-existent statutory notice period, this is common practice. Here it is called “hire & fire”, which means that you can hire someone and fire them again on the same day. The American colleagues on Facebook, Google and Co. rarely receive an advance warning. Instead, they are often shown to their desk immediately after the conversation, including security, are allowed to pack their things and then leave the company forever. America pursues this strategy largely out of fear of revenge from a fired employee.

But German companies also protect themselves from harm when they fire someone. Even in the event of timely termination, laid-off employees will be released until the actual end of the employment relationship.

No matter if Germany or the USA, a termination is a shock for every employee and can certainly also be a stumbling block in the career. Nevertheless, the following applies: Every end is a new beginning - and in cases like these mostly the beginning of something better.

Source: Quora

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