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Walmart on the way to becoming a fashion retailer

Supermarket fashion continues to gain popularity in times of difficult economic conditions, and large retail companies are also targeting this area of ​​business in the USA. Target, Walmart, and even Amazon are all major players in this space, if not necessarily in the fashion space. FashionUnited looks at one of the world's largest supermarket chains and its flirtation with clothing: Walmart.

According to Forbes Walmart is the undisputed number one with sales of $ 221.1 billion (EUR 190 billion) in May 2017. A year later, Walmart is still the top consumer goods store in the United States. The company has recently been concentrating more on its clothing line. After founder Sam Walton opened his first store in 1962, Walmart single-handedly changed the face of American retail with its discount products. By 1967, the company had grown to 24 stores with approximately $ 12.7 million in sales.

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The Walton family company, Walmart, went public in 1970 and grew particularly through its range of goods in the low-price segment and its customer service. In the course of 1980, Walmart was to reach $ 1 billion in sales per year, outperforming all competitors at the time. With the company's great success, it only seemed natural that the supermarket chain should tap into another niche: clothing.

Walmart's story from retail to the introduction of clothing lines

Slowly but surely, Walmart began to introduce fashion items in all of its stores. In 2017, Walmart acquired the brands Moosejaw, ModCloth, Bonobos, and Parcel. That year the company launched four new clothing brands for women, men and children. The lines are called Time and Tru, Terra & Sky, Wonder Nation and George. Time and Tru were introduced in February as lines with border sizes (sizes range from XS-XXXL) and contain versatile basics.

In addition, Walmart has launched Terra & Sky as a plus-size women's line. The line is available in sizes 14W to 30W and consists of very stretchy fabrics. There, the brand has focused on comfort and quick style on the go. Terra & Sky also has a range of basics as well as trendy, easy-to-wear styles in its range. Walmart is also interested in children's clothing, which resulted in the launch of Wonder Nation. The focus of the brand is on fun and long wearable models for children. The brand is available in sizes 4-18 with over 700 styles.

Ultimately, Walmart launched George as a brand for men only. Your comprehensive style and comfort is centered on the size range of S-XXXL. The line has sweat-absorbing properties, is non-iron and includes performance wear for the whole day. The brand was introduced by George Davies, an English designer.

These new brand launches are a way for the supermarket chain to stay ahead of its competition. Recently, Amazon has also become more interested in retail. The takeover of Shopbop years ago and the introduction of in-house labels in 2016 are intended to strengthen the retailer's fashion expertise, as reported by Target has also added various fashion brands to its range: Who What Wear, Ava & Viv, Mossimo and others. With the launch of these four new brands, each tailored to meet specific demographics, the supermarket chain Walmart may develop its apparel supremacy.

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