What is salesmanship

meaning of salesmanship in English

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That line of salesmanship would be unthinkable today, when readers rarely notice the quality of the paper in books.
I know that much of this packing is necessary for hygienic purposes, and naturally there is an element of salesmanship in making packages look attractive.
I want to make a suggestion in all humility about the classes in salesmanship.
These services by which help is given to exporters are no substitute for salesmanship; they are merely aids to salesmanship.
We know that drug companies use high-pressure methods of salesmanship.
One needs a net increase in such office staff in order to achieve better salesmanship abroad.
Their good will was built up by their own initiative and salesmanship.
For all these reasons, the evaluation of any particular proposals has to be a matter of hard salesmanship and detailed study in the export market.
It is necessary to apply sound business principles to the work of salesmanship.
It also means that salesmanship should be practiced by those responsible for electrical undertakings.
It may have been good salesmanship that gave us that advanced position.