Why is Umbridge hated more than Voldemort

Harry Potter tangible

Dolores Jane Umbridge is First Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic. It appears for the first time during a Wizengamot trial against Harry Potter in the fifth episode.

As the story progresses, it turns out that Umbridge is taking on the once again vacant position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher as a professor at Hogwarts in the fifth year of the Friends.
It quickly turns out that as a consequence of the quarrel between Dumbledores and Fudge at the end of the fourth volume, she should keep an eye on the school for on behalf of the Ministry. Dolores Umbridge manages to become the most hated person at Hogwarts in no time. Your teaching is completely meaningless as it consists solely of reading the theory of magic defense and does not teach any skills in defense of black magic.

Harry is so enraged about this that he gives Ms. Umbridge the opportunity to give him detention several times for insubordination.
The evenings he spends in the professor's office turn into a nightmare: over the course of days and weeks, he has to repeatedly write the sentence I shouldn't tell lies.
The perfidious thing about this detention is that Umbridge lets the boy use a magical pen that scratches every writing movement invisibly into the back of Harry's hand. The hours of detention pass in excruciating pain for him.

Dolores Umbridge is also angry with the teaching staff. After being named "Grand Inquisitor of Hogwarts" by the Ministry of Magic, she begins to inspect all of her colleagues' classes.
It sorts out the weakest without mercy. Umbridge is particularly fond of Professor Trelawney and Hagrid.

Other measures taken by Umbridge to restrict students' freedom of movement include prohibiting meetings of more than two people. This also includes the training of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
In addition, there are some indications that the ministry or its delegates are trying to control the mail. The owl Hedwig arrives at Harry one day with an injury. The floo network is also under surveillance, and Umbridge almost snaps Sirius as he appears in the fire of the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room.

But instead of cuddling, the students rebel against the Grand Inquisitor. Despite the group ban, some of them found a club to defend against the Dark Arts, which they named Dumbledore's Army.

The inquisition claims victims

At first this is of little use. Umbridge takes an argument between Malfoy, George and Harry as an opportunity to give the latter two - as well as the twin Fred - life-long Quidditch bans.
When an interview with Harry appears in the Klitterer, in which he speaks again about Voldemort's return despite the ban, the teacher reacts by banning the magazine and expelling Professor Trelawney from school.

But the Umbridge indirectly inflicts a defeat on itself. Headmaster Dumbledore lets the woman stumble upon the wording of her own edicts. He allows Trelawney to at least stay at Hogwarts and, without asking Umbridge, installs the centaur Firenze at the school as a divination teacher.

After Dumbledore's army is exposed through betrayal and the help of the Inquisition Command, Dolore Umbridge is convinced to have finally prevailed. Dumbledore flees and she is appointed Headmistress.
In fact, their real difficulties are only now beginning. The college cuts the new headmistress, and students stand up against her. First and foremost, the Weasley twins begin a cascade of civil disobedience with their magic jokes. The two are caught; but before Umbridge can punish them, they follow Dumbledore's example and leave the school to thunderous applause.

One night Umbridge tries to arrest Rubeus Hagrid with the help of five Aurors, including Dawlish. But the half-giant resists the shock spells, beats four of his opponents and flees.

The end of the Grand Inquisitor

Dolores Umbridge sees herself at the height of her power when she catches Harry and Hermione in her office trying to contact Sirius Black through their fireplace. But Hermione manages to lure the hated headmistress into a trap.

Under a pretext, the girl leads Umbridge with Harry into the Forbidden Forest, where the three humans are soon taken by centaurs. Umbridge, who hates every kind of half-being, immediately gets into an argument with the magical creatures.
But she overestimates her position. A fight ensues, Umbridge ties up the spokesman Magorian, but finally the centaurs drag the arrogant Grand Inquisitor away.

To reassure the potentially horrified readership: Dolores Jane Umbridge survived the kidnapping. After that with Voldemort, the rehabilitated Professor Dumbledore takes care of the missing ex-Grand Inquisitor and brings her back from the Forbidden Forest for recovery in the school's hospital wing.

In the sixth volume, Harry even learns that his tormentor, under Rufus Scrimgeour, is again working in the Ministry after the disaster at Hogwarts.