How do I start eating healthier

5 small changes that will make a big difference to your diet

When my diet was completely upset, making changes to a healthy diet seemed incredibly difficult. I didn't even know where to start and changed accordingly Nothing. After a few attempts, I now know from experience which changes have had the greatest effect.

Are you in that situation too? Would you like to improve your diet but don't know where to start without turning your whole life upside down? Then we have exactly the right thing for you. The following habits are great value for money. That means, with small changes you can already make a big impact. You don't even have to implement them all. Start at the top and slowly work your way through the list. How about a new habit every month?

1. Drink water

If you just make one change in your diet switch to water! Make water the number 1 source to meet your hydration needs.

Avoid lemonades, fruit juices, spritzers, sweet iced teas, energy drinks, chocolate milk, diet drinks and similar crimes against your body. If you drink alcohol frequently, limit yourself to this too. Save it as a treat for the weekend.

Your body only needs water and that doesn’t have any calories. To make the water tastier, add limes, lemons, oranges, cucumber, frozen fruit, ginger, and / or mint. If the fruits lie a little in the water, it takes on their taste. Unsweetened tea is also a good alternative, we sometimes drink it cold. Tea and coffee are also suitable as warm drinks. You can read more tips on drinking water here.

For many people who are overweight This change is probably enough to lose weight. If you have a very poor diet, it will at least be enough to stop you gaining weight. In addition, not having sweet drinks has another advantage: You have less appetite and can temporarily breastfeed a small hunk with a little liquid.

2. Have a hearty breakfast

We consider two popular habits to be counterproductive: Don't eat breakfast at all and have a sweet breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast at all, you lack the energy for the day and it is very likely that you will get it back through snacks and larger servings later in the day. Therefore, foregoing a meal is just window dressing.

A sweet breakfast, on the other hand, gives you a boost of energy, but it doesn't last long. The high blood sugar level plummets after eating and hunger comes back quickly. Since you've already made sweets for the day, you will have a strong desire for more candy. This goes on until the evening.

We want to recharge our batteries in the morning without feeling hungry again after a short time or triggering a desire for sweets. That's why we have a hearty breakfast. It can mean anything, but above all it means few easily digestible carbohydrates like sugar or white bread. Sometimes we eat muesli with a low sugar content, sometimes wholemeal bread with cheese, sometimes we make an omelette. With this habit we start the day satisfied and usually get there by lunch. You can find sugar-free breakfast ideas here.

3. Eat real meals

By the time you start this list at the top, you have already internalized one meal of the day - breakfast. Now there are two more that we take seriously: lunch and dinner.

We don't find it so important in the first step What you eat at these meals. But you should use them as real Eating meals. This means not to eat while walking, standing or driving. Sit at a table and make time for your meals. However, a table in the fast food restaurant does not count! Also, don't skip meals to “save calories”! Your body gets its energy back through snacks anyway.

Avoid ready meals as much as possible. Instead, prepare your meals from real food. These have far more nutrients than any industrially manufactured product. This way, your body is better looked after and you stay full longer. Sure, at this point it becomes time-consuming, but it just doesn't work without any effort. Since I've been preparing more and more meals myself, I feel better after eating, I'm fuller, I enjoy more and a nice side effect: the pounds drop.

Our Recipe collections will help you cook more often. We have tried many recipes, refined them and made them suitable for everyday use. You can find it here.

4. Eat healthy snacks

If you are low on sugar and grains, you will hardly feel hungry between meals. If it does happen, or if your last main meal was not so healthy, then you can still eat something. I do that too. I hate to be hungry, but when it comes to snacks, it depends What you eat. Therefore, do not reach into a bag of chips, do not eat cookies, do not spoon any ready-made fruit yoghurt and do not buy anything in the bakery or late night shop. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

Personally, I prefer fruit, so I always have fresh fruit in the house. I try not to eat too much, though, because fruits contain the most sugar of all real foods. Sometimes I also use cut vegetables that I can eat raw. These include carrots, cucumbers, kohlrabi, radishes and tomatoes. If you want, you can nibble on the vegetables until you get tired.

If I'm not only hungry but also hungry, but there is still a long time to go before the next meal is due, I like to eat nuts. These contain a lot of fat and protein, so they keep you full for a long time. However, you need to be careful not to overeat. Because they are so small and have a high energy density, there is a tendency to overdo it with the nuts. However, saturation takes a while.

Such real Snacks will satisfy your hunger at least as much as a ready-made snack - but are much healthier and won't settle on your hips. This changeover is comparatively easy and shows a great effect!It becomes even easier if you don't even buy those nasty snacks and sweets in the first place. You won't eat what you don't have at home.

5. Cut down on grains in your diet

The first four changes reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and are intended to motivate you to prepare fresh foods yourself. This fifth change goes a big step further. You might like it the least, but it is a great lever for the slim line: Eat as few grain products as possible. Even more than sugar, grains have crept into every aspect of our diet. That makes it so difficult to do without it.

Not only that grain products are included in almost every meal, they usually take up a large space. They're not just a small side dish; they often make up the largest proportion of the calories consumed. We eat pasta with cheese and maybe some vegetables. We cover the pizza base with a few ingredients. We smear a spread on the thick slice of bread.

However, grains (including whole grains) contain a lot of carbohydrates and - similar to sugar - cause the blood sugar level in the body to rise rapidly, which a large part of the energy ends up in the fat deposits and we quickly get hungry again. If you want to see the pounds drop without starving yourself, this is the job site you should be working on.

Since almost every meal is based on grain, this change is difficult. So I recommend tackling them last. For me, too, it was the last big change. First of all, it means looking for alternatives for breakfast in order to get by without bread and classic muesli. My favorites are eggs with Avodaco (both fill you up very well) and “Muesli” with ground must instead of cereal flakes. For the other dishes, too, you need recipes that do without the classic side dish (noodles, spaetzle, potato noodles, rice) or use only a few of them. The focus of any dish should be on the vegetables.

These are five steps on the way to a healthier diet. You can incorporate each of these tips into your everyday life one after the other as a habit. Don't start with all of them at once, but don't end this article without either at least a tackle small change. Don't be one of those people who are just looking for healthy alibis.

If you would like to dig deeper into these tips, I recommend our book “Slimmed down - 10 habits for losing weight”. In this we take up all five habits again.

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