What does pre-hire from USPS mean

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When jobs become available at USPS, it will be offered to the highest test grade candidate who qualified for the position. When I hired years ago, it wasn't uncommon for the process to take over a year from the time you first requested it to actually stamping a watch. Be patient.

Another way to work at USPS is through contractors. Although you are not a professional and do not perform the same services, contractors tend to pay their employees quite well, and some even offer services. It's not uncommon for a contract worker to transition to a USPS career position at some point.

Contract post work is more common outside of the major metropolitan areas. Reach out to postmasters in areas you want to work in and send them a copy of your resume. You can share your information with contractors who are looking for additional employees.

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The recruitment lists are created at set times for a set period, only when necessary. If these 8 post offices are small, you will likely have to wait for someone to retire. Also, the USPS is going through hiring freezes where they'd rather pay 20 overtime per week per person than hire more workers. I got 100 points on the test for a large metropolis and it took 8 months to get a call.