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If I understand you correctly    
from: clausine created: 01.10.2007 18:05:38

do you care about the digit writing rate, not capturing the crowd, right? Why don't you let your students work freely now? Put together a "booklet" in which all 10 digits or now only 9 digits appear and let them knead, lay, write in the sand, etc. in whatever order they like. Perhaps you will not edit the digits in the "correct" order, maybe you have favorite digits or ones that you don't master very well straight away (e.g. 8). Put the exercises in the free work or make station runs out of them, then it won't get boring.
Clausine wishes you lots of fun

Hello jkloiuj,    
by: heidehansi created: 02.10.2007 17:25:42

For your consolation: The first graders love variety, but they also love certain routines, because then they feel safe.

So why not do some routine routine with each digit?

And do not use all of the options you have for every number, then you can still offer a certain variety.

Sometimes you can also modify an exercise option a little, then it is new for the children again. Air writing, for example, sometimes with your hand, sometimes with both hands, sometimes with the bent elbow, sometimes with your nose, sometimes with your foot on the floor (strictly speaking, then no air writing * g *), sometimes as a repetition and guessing game one at a time write the learned digits on the neighbour's back, or let him close his eyes and write in the palm of his hand, ...

Have fun for you and the children!

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