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How to Find the Best Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Brand

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Anyone can be an Instagram influencer. You, me ... even a cyborg. The industry is huge. Last count? $ 2 billion! By 2020 the value should increase to 5-10 billion US dollars !!!

Okay, enough exclamation marks. You understand what I mean.

Below you can see how the luxury watch brand, Daniel Wellington, Stars and Macro uses Instagram influencers to reach a huge crowd without resorting to traditional marketing.

Instagram influencers - conquer the world, one follower at a time.

Brands that want to market their products authentically to consumers have jumped on the influencer marketing bandwagon. With the image-based Instagram that puts other social media platforms in the shade.

Take a look at our survey - The Global State of Influencer Marketing in 2019. There you will find some strong stats from over 800 marketing and PR experts.

Despite the many articles claiming influencer marketing is a new thing - it is not. Really not. In 1890, the Davis Milling Company hired Nancy Green as the spokesperson for their brand - Aunt Jemima was born. The Marlboro Man rode into our lives in the 50s. And Coca-Cola used a cheerful, well-built man in a red suit to sell fizzy soda.

What's relatively new about influencer marketing is the advent of social media. And it fits like a fist on the eye.

Freebies used to be sufficient compensation. Today, however, as the influencer industry is growing, we're talking about serious sums of money with top Instagram influencers asking for $ 1,000 per 100,000 followers. For celebrities, that's $ 250,000+ per Instagram post.

I think we can agree that Instagram is at the forefront of influencer marketing. So in this guide, we'll focus on Instagram influencers - what, why, and how. Do not forget, download our checklist.

Let's go!

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What is influencer marketing?

It's right under your nose every time you browse social media. Between your friends' vacation photos and your brother's wedding. A person to show you how great your life would be if you just had the right smoothie.

Did you take a bite? Did you buy the product? Boom! You were influenced.

Skilled marketers, realizing the power of these people, go crazy trying to unlock the potential of influencer marketing.

Influencers have authentic conversations about a specific industry, topic, brand or niche. They generate engagement. You can have a few hundred followers or a few million.

Customers are no longer used by traditional marketing techniques how television advertising affects. When we're looking for a new product, we turn to social media. We read and believe influencers. We trust them.

“As the world has shifted towards social media, consumers look to other consumers to make purchasing decisions. Instead of turning to companies as in the past, they exchange ideas and turn to their favorite personalities. "AdWeek

How Instagram Influencer Marketing Will Benefit Your Brand

They have no choice. If you want to present your brand authentically on Instagram, you have to work with influencers. Beat the ad blockers if you want to be heard on social - with influencers.

By the way - this post is about Instagram influencers, but the insights also apply to working with influencers on other social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Brands benefit from working with influencers - Engagement, ROI and Brand Awareness.

See how far and quickly an influencer marketing campaign is spreading - in real time.

Track your campaign with our virality map and you will see how your influencer's message spreads around the world.


Creating authentic marketing content that resonates with consumers is a challenge. We are bombed every day. It's numbing. If the content doesn't generate engagement, it's failed.

Influencers have cornered the market. They post authentic content and their followers interact with it. You trust these people even when they sell aggressively.

Return on Investment (ROI)

“Influencer marketing offers you 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing, and 94% of marketers who have worked with influencer marketing believe the tactic is effective. " Invest

That says it all.

Brand awareness

Great product. Any customers?

If no one knows you, how do you become something? By working with Instagram influencers get the awareness your brand needs. Work with influencers to ...

  • Promote your product to their followers
  • Increase your follower growth
  • Demonstrate your product to potential customers
  • Increase trust in your brand through reviews and appealing content

In my opinion, Instagram is the best social media channel for brands involved in influencer marketing.

  • Compared to other social platforms, the willingness to act is high
  • You can use multiple photos and videos in a single post
  • Tagging and linking functions
  • The character limit is 2000+ (crazy!)
  • Instagram followers are more engaged than on Facebook
  • Targeting ads based on user location, age, gender, interests

When Instagram updated its algorithm, business accounts suffered. Range was limited. Instagram influencer marketing has ramped up and has become an integral part of a brand's marketing strategy. Estimated 71% of US companies use Instagram marketing.

Definitions of an influencer

A person who influences the behavior or opinions of others. In marketing, we talk about buying decisions.

Mega / Celebrity / A list

Cristiano Ronaldo. Kim Kardashian.

Brand loyalty and trust ... well!

Macro influencer

These people have between 100,000 and 1M followers. They are not movie stars, singers, or athletes. They became known on the Internet. Blogging, vlogging, etc.

Your audience is less of a niche - different locations interested in different topics. A macro influencer often covers several topics. For example, if you share knowledge about how to write copywriting, a macro influencer could also discuss related topics like SEO, social media, PR, etc.

You are a brand of your own.

Advantages of being a macro influencer

Professionals with their own voice. Influencing is her job.

A bigger audience with more reach. A multitude of people as opposed to the niche audience of a micro-influencer.

Disadvantages of being a macro influencer

Since they are less of a niche, their authenticity can be questioned. Social media made us smarter. Similar to a celebrity promoting a product, we are not 100% sure that the influencer is actually using the product.

Micro influencers

Between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Micros focus on one specific niche or topic and are considered Industry experts, Thought leaders and specialists in specific topics.

These people are not celebrities, but they have a dedicated and loyal fan base.

Marta Pozzan travels the world, from fashion week to fashion week, promoting brands like Kenzo, Bulgari, etc.

How do micro-influencers help brands?

They are subject matter experts whom followers trust.

Micro-influencers don't use aggressive sales strategies to promote products. They tell stories. You have a established audience that trust them and listen.

Since micro-influencers have less reach, brands work with multiple influencers of this type. This means that they have a greater reach in their influencer campaigns. Using multiple micro-influencers leads to a higher ROI at the same time Lowering Marketing Spend.

Nano influencers

With around 1000 followers, these are the new stars in influencer heaven. A nano has one strong influence in his community. The lack of followers is compensated for by intimate and personalized messages. They're normal people - not famous - who recommend things to their friends and family, and they're really good at social media.

Why are nano influencers so influential?

Limited range. High level of authority. High engagement rates.

They penetrate deeply into their niche markets and can target up to 8.7% of their audience according to a Digiday survey. Compared to 1.7% for celebrities with millions of followers.

  • They serve small niche markets that don't always include thought leaders, so nanos have a loud voice
  • Few followers, but loyal
  • A smaller audience means that a nano's messages appeal to everyone
  • Cheaper than micro and macro, and easier to build relationships with

Nano Influencer - Erin Gee.

Erin Gee - Instagram influencer - 1,332 followers.

Fré - a skincare brand - discovered Erin's Instagram account and liked her feed. The brand contacted her and asked if she would test the product and then promote the brand. Payment was made in freebies. She received brand guidelines, suggestions for content, hashtags and posting times.

Virtual influencers

In 2016, Miquela Sousa - also known as Lil Miquela - hit Instagram.

  • Miquela is an influencer for Prada, Chanel, Vetements, Supreme and more
  • Miquela is a singer and model
  • Miquela raises money for charities and advocates social movements
  • Miquela identifies as a computer-generated cyborg
  • Miquela is a virtual influencer

Not from this world!

1.5 million followers with only 394 posts.

Lil Miquela has a personality and an emotional connection with her followers. She built a relationship with her audience.

Does a virtual influencer really work?

The same rules apply as for human influencers. The demographics of the followers must match your brand identity.

Lil Miquela is ideal for fashion brands and cosmetics. Probably not so suitable for the financial sector. Your messages would likely fall on deaf ears there.

Brands have it easy with virtual influencers. They benefit from working with an influencer - reach, engagement, new audience, etc - without fear of them becoming a problem.

Brands can easily get caught up in a PR crisis if an influencer misbehaves. Failures can irreversibly damage a brand's reputation. While a virtual influencer doesn't get caught with the wrong person and doesn't post cold-hearted, intolerant posts.

Virtual influencers are still in their infancy. They caught our attention, and for brands, there's a fun new take on Instagram influencer marketing.

What campaigns can you run with Instagram influencers?

It depends on your industry, goals, influencers, content, products, etc. Here are the most popular influencer campaigns for promoting your brand and products.

Product based content

An influencer uses content to promote your product - product placement, reviews, how-tos, or tests.

When placing the product, the influencer uses the product and talks about its advantages. This method can contain a 'How To'.

The nano influencer Leticia Collings demonstrates the Remington curling iron to her over 8,000 followers.

Another method is for brands to provide an influencer with a product before it is published. They will test it and post a review.


A brand sponsors something that an influencer is involved in - event, tutorial series, and so on. When you dive into content that is already popular and successful, it has a positive effect on brand awareness and reputation.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content includes paid campaigns, promotions, and content that matches the platform's style - blog post, social media message, newspaper article, etc. An influencer could wear a clothing brand and post a photo or mention a brand name on their story.

A popular method on Instagram and Twitter is promoting a hashtag. Usually we work with several influencers here, what can reinforce the message across the entire social media channel.

Giveaways, contests, and promo codes are great ways to increase reach and generate engagement. The buzz is getting louder and the desire for the product increases.

How much do Instagram influencers cost?

Sorry There is no single answer for this.

Influencer marketing is still relatively new, which means that the standards are changing. It's so far removed from traditional marketing that many marketers struggle to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

There is no fixed fee structure. We scoured various sources and the average for Instagram is $ 1,000 per 100,000 followers. But please don't put that on the gold scales.

Lots Nano- and some Micro-Influencers accept free products in exchange for working with brands. Unfortunately, influencer marketing has become so big that more and more micro-influencers are asking for money.

macro-Influencers ask a lot. For these people, their Instagram account is a full-time job, so of course they want a salary.

Mega influencers? $$$$$

Don't blow your entire budget. Work with an influencer your brand can afford.

What to consider when charging Instagram influencers?

Even taking the following into account, prices fluctuate widely. For example, HopperHQblog claims that Cristiano Ronaldo makes $ 400,000 for every picture he posts.

Okay, such sums are unrealistic for most companies. Back to real life. When setting pricing, an influencer takes into account:

  • Whether a brand fits its image and its followers
  • How many followers he / she has
  • The engagement that the posts usually generate
  • How many posts he / she should share for the brand
  • Post type - video, photo, long / short form content
  • How much work he / she has to do - depending on what the brand makes available
  • Whether the post will only be displayed on his account or used in other areas of the campaign

Don't break your budget!

Before you sign anything, ask yourself ...

  • ● Potential range?
  • ● Possible ROI?
  • ● Does the audience fit your brand and your product?
  • ● Is it worth the money?

Talk to your influencers. Ask them how they worked with other brands. What were the results?

To help you I have the 7 guarantees of success in influencer marketingcomposed. It will walk you through setting up a campaign - what to do, what to avoid. Download it here ...

3 steps to a successful Instagram influencer campaign

These are the three rules of a successful influencer marketing campaign:

  • Defined goals and KPIs
  • The perfect influencers for your brand
  • Effective measurement and analysis of the results

Defined goals

Your goals should be established before choosing your influencers and launching your campaign. Without it, you cannot measure your success or failure. Goals could be ...

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • More followers
  • Increase in sales
  • More engagement

The perfect influencer

Fashion brand? Influencer from the fashion industry.

While this may be obvious to some of you, there are brands that choose influencers based on the number of followers. This is myopic.

What brands should be looking for is building a lasting relationship with the influencer and their followers. An influencer who ...

  • Interacts with your target audience
  • Fits to the values ​​and messages of your brand
  • Advertise your brand honestly and authentically

Effective measurement and analysis of the results

How you measure the ROI of your Instagram influencer campaigns depends on your goals. Are you looking for more sales? Would you like to increase your visibility? More commitment?

Check What You Can Measure:

  • visibility - ROI is the number of potential customers who perceive your brand - measured in terms of reach and impressions
  • engagement - Measurements include likes, website visits, number of sales, comments, shares, video views, retweets, repins, shares, etc.
  • Conversions - track how often people have followed a call to action. This could be Sales - Affiliate Links, Promo Codes - Follower Growth, Email Subscriptions, Downloads, etc.

How to find the best influencer for your brand

The type of influencer you choose depends on what you want from your campaign.

Don't let the range blind you.

Find an influencer in your niche.You look for them to create and share relevant, engaging content. And then share it authentically and transparently with the audience.

Talkwalker Social Media Analytics - When analyzing the most influential influencers for Thor Ragnarok, we found that @Jedi_Jill generated almost as much engagement as @ComicBookNOW despite the lower reach.

If you don't work with the right influencer, you are wasting your money.

Know your target audience

If you are selling clothes, you are targeting a fashion blogger. Easy.


Fashion bloggers are aimed at different target groups. They may not be targeting your target audience. For example, your target group is predominantly hipsters. Your future fashion influencer is targeting gym bunnies.

I'm not saying hipsters don't go to the gym. But it's not an ideal couple. You will miss large chunks of your audience. Match your target audience with your influencer's followers.

Align your values

Always check out an influencer's previous posts before working with them.

Social media is great for free expression. But what some consider a fair comment could offend others. An influencer will represent your brand. Make sure, that you have the same values. Or you damage your brand's reputation.

Be authentic. It is crucial. Almost 60% of digitally savvy female consumers will not respond to a sponsored post that they believe is spurious

Set goals

Understand what you want to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign. Sales, brand awareness, traffic? An influencer should be part of your team. Build a relationship and work together.

Prepare for an emergency

Aside from cyborgs, influencers are human and humans make mistakes. A crisis communication plan must be in place. So that you are ready. Just in case

If you are considering influencer marketing, you can find valuable tips in our Influencer Marketing Guide. It comes with a free influencer marketing strategy e-book.

FTC Guidelines - Stay Honest

With the rise of social media came rules of conduct. The guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) were made Updated to protect consumers. The commission demands that influencers make it clear that they have been paid by companies to promote their products.