What are the worst WordPress plugins

WordPress Security: The Most Important Security Plugins

Just like your own PC with anti-virus software, your own web project should also be protected by special WordPress security plugins. If you do not recognize an intruder at all or too late, this can lead to a massive slump in website traffic. Search engines like Google recognize infected websites and send a warning message to users so that they no longer access the page in the future.

With WordPress hosting with IONOS, this protects IONOS site lock feature active against malware and unauthorized access. With the program, up to 500 subpages can be scanned and specifically checked for security gaps. The following WordPress security plugins also offer additional protection:

The Anti-Malware Security plugin scans the entire installation for malware and viruses. In the next step, the plug-in helps the user to remove any malware that may be detected. The AntiVirus plugin works on a similar principle, which also protects against malware and spam in order to make WordPress secure. AntiVirus reveals existing security gaps and thus protects against possible exploits - that is, the systematic exploitation of these gaps. As an administrator, you can also use this plug-in to run regular scans and reports. If you wish, the plug-in will also inform you via email when malware is found. You can also create a whitelist - a list of those people and institutions that are considered trustworthy. Another useful plugin is Bad Behavior: It helps prevent link spam in comment columns and guest books by blocking spam bots before they can even act.