What are street food trends

Three trends for street food

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Food: focus on health and freshness

Healthy eating and a focus on fresh and unprocessed ingredients as well as plant-based food will again be a huge topic this year. Even though the classics like Burger & BBQ will of course continue to be among the top street food favorites.

Trend: more catering out of the flap

Food truck catering - this branch of the three big pillars (day-to-day business, events, catering) will move even more into the focus of sales opportunities for food truckers. Many companies and agencies are increasingly relying on this cool, simple and at the same time delicious way of catering for guests. But be careful: do not neglect the right mix and do not fixate too much on just one column!

Anniversary: ​​ten years of food trucks

Food trucks have been rolling in Germany for ten years. We have to celebrate this! That is why there will be a special on this topic at the Street Food Convention (SFC) in Essen (as part of the GastroTageWest from October 11-13, 2020) and at the SFC in Nuremberg (as part of the HOGA from 7-09 February 2021) .

About Klaus P. Wünsch

Klaus P. Wünsch used to stand by the food truck flap himself. In 2010 he founded one of the first food trucks in Germany with the RibWich trucks concept. Since 2015 he has been concentrating on the Internet portal Foodtrucks Germany and the Food Trucks app, which bring food trucks and customers together. He also organizes the annual Street Food Convention.

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