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New Climate Protection Act Why refueling is more expensive, but electricity is cheaper

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If the federal government passes the tightened climate law on Wednesday, the prices for a number of consumer goods will rise over the next 25 years - but not for all. An overview.

Hannes Koch
05/11/2021 | As of May 14, 2021, 1:52 p.m.

In just under 25 years, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to drop to almost zero. That is not a long period of time: it encompasses, for example, the life span of a child who is born today, roughly until the end of their studies. Material everyday life will change significantly in these two and a half decades. Gasoline-powered vehicles, as they are on the roads here today, will hardly exist any more. There will be no more boilers in the cellars of the houses either. These and other changes are triggered by the new climate protection law, which the federal cabinet will likely pass on Wednesday ...

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