Dogs have to eat cooked meat

Raw Or Cooked Meat For Dogs - Which Is Better?

The second most common question I am asked is whether dogs can really eat raw meat.

Perhaps many dog ​​owners simply start from their own eating habits. Boiled or cooked meat is definitely on the menu much more often.

In fact, I prefer raw fish in sushi form to raw meat such as tartare.

To anticipate the answer: There is nothing wrong with giving your dog raw meat to eat. Of course, cooked meat requires less strict hygiene regulations.

Raw meat is better

On one side of the raw meat or boiled meat discussion are the barfer. So dog owners who orient themselves towards nature when feeding their dog.

If a dog in the wild kills a rabbit, it won't stoke the grill or prepare the vegetables for a pot roast. The finished animal is eaten raw, including skin, innards and bones.

If you want to know more about barfen, you can find a detailed article about it here.

Cooked meat is better

On the other hand, my dog ​​owners think that our domestic dogs are now so domesticated that dogs have got used to a mixed diet for centuries.

This is why cooked meat is easier to digest because the proteins in the meat are already partially denatured. Cooked meat can therefore be more easily consumed by the dog. Also, opening a can of dog food is easier than hunting rabbits every few days.

You can see how big the market for pet food is in every supermarket. Count the number of suppliers of ready-made feed there. In any case, I would rely on a high-quality brand that reveals all ingredients.

Raw or cooked - a question of faith

As you can see, you cannot answer “raw or cooked meat” unequivocally. Finally, I would like to go into one specialty of each, regardless of whether you cook the meat yourself or serve it raw to your darling.

With raw meat, you should avoid pork. Click here to learn more about the risks of Aujeszky Virus.

If you prefer to cook the meat in the bowl, please do not feed it leftovers. Meat that is prepared for human consumption will definitely be seasoned too intensely.

But you could cook for the dog and your family at the same time, and only then season the meat. Then it's best to think about how you can prevent feeding from the table.

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