Might dogs drink soda

Dog soda - water with liver sausage flavor? A Weinfelder entrepreneur develops effervescent powder for dogs

Liver sausage flavored water? A Weinfelder entrepreneur develops effervescent powder for dogs

The Weinfeld entrepreneur Christoph Lanter has brought Dog-Soda onto the market with three partners. They think dogs should be able to drink more than just water.

Dogs drink water. What else? Christoph Lanter asked himself this question around three years ago. He asked friends who own dogs what else their four-legged friends like to drink. "The answer I got was 'beer or carrot juice'," says Lanter. "I just found out that there is a huge selection of dog food, but there are no dog drinks at all." He remembered his childhood when his mother gave him water with vitamin-lemon effervescent tablets. Christoph Lanter:

"I thought it would be cool if there were such healthy showers for dogs too."

So he brought Anja Hussong on board and the two commissioned a German company specializing in pet food to develop an effervescent tablet for dogs. “But the first attempt went wrong, the tablets did not dissolve at all. But after further attempts we had a powder that dissolves well. " The dog soda was born.

Trial sets are available on the Internet

After the first tests with dogs of friends, it was shown that about two thirds of the animals liked the effervescent, which is available with salmon, beef or liver sausage flavor. “Then we went a step further and commissioned a research project from the Institute for Innovation, Design and Engineering at St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences. They tested the powder on 100 dogs and developed proposals for a successful market launch. "

In autumn 2020, Christoph Lanter founded Pet-Soda AG with Anja Hussong, Oliver Scheit and Samuel Böhni. They have been selling the powders over the Internet since the beginning of March. “Every pet owner can order a tasting set with the three flavors. Only if the dog likes one thing can he order the dog soda and become a member of the dog soda pack - the virtual meeting place for masters and mistresses, ”says Hussong.

«We want to be sustainable. That goes from the packaging to the packing in a facility for people with disabilities up to the dispatch. "

After two weeks on the market, 180 people have already ordered a trial set. In one month, the German market should also be supplied from the branch in Bremerhaven. “Dog soda is not a cure, but it is good for drinking and with healthy ingredients. The main component of the powder is spirulina algae. " A fragrance for Fifi and Bello, isn't that a bit too decadent? “A legitimate question, but I think no,” says Christoph Lanter.

"Nowadays dogs are family members, why shouldn't they have a little variety in drinking like their masters and mistresses?"

And it is not thought that the dogs will only drink soda water then. «Soda water once a day is enough. But dogs drink more and then they just like to drink water again. "

A monthly ration of dog soda costs 39 or 55 francs, depending on the size of the dog. More information at: www.dog-soda.com.