What is illegal gun possession

Unauthorized possession of weapons usually leads to imprisonment

You probably know that gun owners have often committed and are committing serious crimes with the use of a gun. The unauthorized possession of weapons has already led to disaster in many cases. This is the reason for the recent amendment to the Weapons Act, which has led to a tightening of the regulations on illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

The unauthorized possession of weapons and ammunition is always threatened with imprisonment, according to Section 52 Paragraph 1 WaffG with imprisonment from six months to five years, according to Section 52 Paragraph 3 WaffG with imprisonment up to three years or with a fine, etc.

Since you must have known that the possession of weapons and ammunition is only permitted under restricted conditions, it will be assumed that the law has been deliberately violated in your case. However, it is really impossible to predict what punishment you will face in your case. Based on your age and attenuating circumstances, I assume that you will be sentenced to imprisonment, the execution of which will, however, be suspended on probation. So you certainly don't have to serve a term in prison. However, I advise you to be defended by a lawyer who must present all the circumstances that speak in your favor (life without penalty, age, illness, loss of the wife, upcoming operations, etc.).

The accusation simply cannot be "taken lightly".

If you suspect you still have a revolver, you must be serious about one
Expect another, surprising house search. House searches are generally only permitted in exceptional cases and only on the basis of a court order, but are not permitted
Weapons and ammunition possession guarantees an occasion for such a measure.