What is an expensive chinese dish

What are the costs of your stay in China?

Well prepared for the adventure

Just 10 years ago, prices were equally low across China. I am sorry to have to disappoint you now, but it is no longer like that and it is better if you do so before your trip Experienced. If you're looking for a "cheap" destination, you'd better fly to Southeast Asia.

The Chinese have an impressive ability to get along with what they have and make the most of it. The price for a visit to the cinema (25 €) makes them hesitate - as a result, they very rarely go there. Fortunately, the entrance fees to the museums are reasonably correct (for example, for the Forbidden City you should expect 60 RMB, about 7 €). Cultural activities will therefore not be the biggest item in your travel budget. For a day trip by bus to the Great Wall of China, including lunch and a visit to the Ming tombs, you should estimate a total of 300 RMB or € 35 per person.

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There is something for every budget.

The prices in gastronomy differ considerably in some cases. First of all, it depends a lot on what you want to eat. If your budget is on the low side and you want to immerse yourself in local life (which I highly recommend, especially when it comes to food!), The street food outlets are a good option. There you can, for example, taste meat skewers or stews directly on the street for a few euros.

When you have a bit more money available and if you fancy a chic restaurant, you should know that there are no upper prices here ... For a correct price you should choose the restaurants on the edge of the marketplaces in the individual districts.

But above all, one piece of advice: Always inquire about the price before buying, otherwise you could face unpleasant surprises. Because in China you never know what to expect.

A couple of exemplary prices

You can find accommodation in a multi-bed room for 5 to 10 €, a double room in a nice hotel costs around 30 €.

You can eat for from 5 € in a simple restaurant or in a street snack bar. You can eat very well for as little as € 10. However, if you are expecting a dining experience, expect to pay at least € 30. A beer or a coffee costs around € 1. Keep in mind that international chains like Starbucks or McDonalds are very expensive by local standards.

Public transport is also really cheap: you can get a bus ticket for just a few cents, and a taxi ride in the city costs a few euros. If you rent a taxi for a whole day, the price is proportional to the distance traveled, but you can find something for as little as € 50.

For longer journeys, the prices are based on the desired level of comfort. You have to reckon with European prices (€ 100 per person) for a comfortable journey on the night train. But if one seat is enough for you, you can save a lot here (but you will probably sleep less well).

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Updated November 26, 2015