What is a boho style jewelry

Boho jewelry - more than a trend!

Boho style jewelry is more than just a fashion trend, it embodies an attitude towards life, the desire for freedom, sun, beach and adventure. But where does the term boho come from and what does boho jewelry look like? Find out here!


The term “boho” is an abbreviation of the word “bohème” or “bohemian” and stands for “unconventional”. This also on one unconventional lifestyle Related term comes from an intellectual delimitation in France, which stands for creative free spirit. Above all, freelance artists identify with this way of life and set no limits to their feeling of freedom, especially in a decidedly casual lifestyle.

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This attitude has been celebrated since the middle of the 19th century, for example by Dora Maar, known as the Picasso muse, who inspired the painter with her mysterious beauty and theatricality. She presented herself in particular with long Persian robes, which were often adorned with feathers and pearls.


Since today's “boho style” is the result of the various elements of the hippie movement and the original boho movement, “boho jewelry” also shows the most varied facets of fashion trends. On the one hand, there is the rather eye-catching boho-style jewelry. This is characterized by large stones, pearls or shells and is in any case very playful.

Feathers or large flowers, which make the accessories particularly colorful, are also used. But little by little, a more subtle style has also emerged in boho jewelry. True to the motto "nature is the best designer", natural materials are often used in combination with various precious metals or brass. Cotton ribbons or leather cords are also often part of the individual pieces of jewelry.

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