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What's my number This is how you find out your own mobile phone number

What's my mobile number? - Whether you are shopping online or ordering pizza, you need your phone number for more and more online transactions. If you don't have the number at hand, there is no reason to despair: Here you can find out how you can easily find your own mobile phone number.

To find out your own mobile phone number, all you need is your smartphone. As is so often the case, many roads lead to Rome, in this case to your own phone number. In most cases, a GSM-USSD code or a service number leads to the destination, but you can also find the mobile phone number in the device information on the smartphone itself.

Find out your own mobile phone number from the network provider

Before you can determine your cell phone number, you first have to know which cell phone network you are using. If you have a cell phone tariff directly with Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica, that's no problem, with other providers such as Klarmobil or 1und1, the network provider is not always immediately clear. In addition, the mailbox must be activated for most GSM-USSD codes.

My number at Telekom

Telekom offers two options for determining your cell phone number: using a GSM-USSD code or a service number. GMS-USSD codes are control commands in the cellular network with which changes can be made in the menu or information can be called up.

Via GSM-USSD code:

  1. Open the phone app on your smartphone.
  2. Give the code *135# into the number field and confirm the code with the handset button.
  3. Your mobile phone number will now appear on the display. The best thing to do is to save it directly in your phone book.

Via speed dial:

Telekom also offers speed dialing for number identification. Under 4300 your number will be announced to you. Don't worry: the speed dial is free.

My number at Vodafone

Using a GSM-USSD code, you can find out the phone number from Vodafone. However, this only works if your mailbox is switched on.

Give *#62# in the number field and confirm with the receiver button.

This code is used to display the phone number. If this is not the case, in some cases the mailbox number is displayed or an information field appears stating that the mailbox or call diversion is deactivated. With Vodafone, this is the only way to find out your own cell phone number. In the section below, however, we explain other methods that are not tied to the network operator.

My number at Telefónica

There is a service number for customers with a mobile phone contract with O2. Just call the number 0800-9377546 at. The area code 0800 already indicates that it is a free number. So you don't have to worry about any additional costs. Your mobile phone number will then be announced via a voice announcement.

Find out your own mobile phone number via the operating system

You can find out your own cell phone number not only from the network provider, but also from the smartphone itself.

My number on iOS

You can easily find out your mobile phone number via iOS.

  1. Open your iPhone's phone app.
  2. Select the "Contacts" field in the lower middle.
  3. At the top you can now see your own telephone number. You may have to scroll up a bit to do this.

My number on Android

With Android there are small differences between the different versions. We explain the way to your own mobile phone number as an example. But be careful: your own number may be given as unknown. This is then due to the SIM card and the provider.

Android 6 Marshmallow

  1. In Settings, scroll all the way down to About Phone.
  2. There tap on "Status" and then on "Status of the SIM card".
  3. Scroll further down. You can see your mobile phone number under “My phone number”.

Android 7 nougat

  1. Go to "Phone info" via the settings of your smartphone.
  2. At the top you can see the forgotten combination of numbers under "Own phone number".

Android 8 Oreo

  1. In the settings, scroll all the way down to "Device information".
  2. Et voilà: Here you can see the field “Own telephone number” at the very top.

Alternative tricks

If the attempts via speed dial, USSD code and operating system did not work, there are still a few options.

To find out your cell phone number, you can also ask a friend to give you your cell phone number from the contact list or simply give them a call. If the number withholding is not activated, your number will be displayed.
As a WhatsApp or Telegram user, your mobile phone number will be displayed in your profile.

In an emergency, the only option left is to rummage through your contract documents. Most providers make the data available online. For this you need your login data.

Why do I need to know my own phone number?

If you sign a mobile phone contract, you will also get your own phone number. The mobile phone tariff usually includes an all-network flat rate and a mobile phone, for example an iPhone or a model from the Samsung Galaxy range. As soon as family, friends and colleagues are provided with your phone number, it is quickly forgotten: you never call yourself. However, if you are dissatisfied with your mobile phone contract, this could be due to an integrated automatic data system or insufficient data volume, you will terminate the contract. In order to keep the old mobile phone number, you have to give it to the new tariff provider. It is advisable to have the phone number on the screen quickly, because number porting is only possible within a certain period of time.

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