What are some unknown life hacks

15 popular tricks & hacks for Windows

New edition: 15 popular tricks & hacks for Windows

Windows 10 has been officially released for almost 5 years now. A lot has happened since the release on May 29, 2015 and numerous patches and updates were automatically installed in order to continuously adapt Microsoft's new flagship and improve the user experience. By far not all Microsoft functions are communicated or even advertised as openly as we as users would like.

On the contrary. Many a small but extremely practical Windows trick would remain forever unknown if it weren't for the many resourceful users out there in the vastness of the Internet. Such clever tricks and hacks could make your Windows 10 life a lot easier, if you knew about them.

Wait a momentYou might think, I've read that here before, if you follow our magazine regularly. And you are not entirely wrong about that. In the past we have often written about Windows tricks, life hacks and clever shortcuts. However, since these change from time to time and sometimes even exist twice, we have made the effort and for you the 15 most popular tricks & hacks for Windows summarized again. Have fun with it!