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Currency converter

Here you will find two small calculators. The first allows you to convert the currency of the wizarding world, namely Galleons, Sickel and Knut, into our currency, the Euro, and vice versa. The second calculator shows within the wizard's currency how much one of the three coins is in relation to the other two. So you can, for example, calculate how many 108 sickles are converted into Galleons or Knut.

Convert Galleons, Sickel and Knut into our currency, the euro, and vice versa. Simply enter the desired amount in one of the fields. It is then automatically converted and entered in the other fields.

The conversion rate between Galleons, Sickel, Knut and the Euro is based on a statement by Joanne K. Rowling that a Galleon is said to be worth 5 English pounds (£).

At an exchange rate of 1.0906 euros per pound (as of March 10, 2009 - exchange rates: GBP-EUR), 5 English pounds are approximately 6.32 euros (€).

Here you can now calculate within the wizard's currency. "How many Knut make a sickle?" "How much is a Galleon worth? " - These and similar questions can be easily solved by simply entering an amount in the respective field below. It is automatically converted into the other two coins and displayed immediately.

Exchange rate: 1 galleon is 17 sickles or 493 knuts. A sickle itself is worth 29 Knut.

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