Why don't I feel good after running?

One day after exercising, feeling bad

  • Hello!

    Did exercise yesterday after a fitness DVD.

    And today I feel totally bad.

    I'm dizzy, have a headache and feel limp.

    As if I had circulatory problems.

    Measured blood pressure: 104 to 67, pulse 60.

    I have had low blood pressure for years. Often it is even lower. I still feel better though.

    Where can the bad body feeling come from? Was the sport too much?

    Have to say that it was more of a strength fitness DVD where the whole body worked out.

    I have sore muscles too.

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  • Do you eat and drink enough?

    If I have eaten and / or drank too little during the day and then exercise, I feel terrible the next day.

  • I have the same as Rightknow writes sometimes. Or when I ate and drank properly, but exercised far too much. Do you otherwise exercise regularly?

  • I actually ate normally. Or maybe a little bit. Drunk so 1 1/2 liters. Always drink the same, actually. I exercise often and regularly. For the sake of the cycle.

    Found that when I go jogging, I don't feel that way the next day.

    Walking or cardio exercises are better.

    Is a heart rate of 60 not enough?

    Could I fall over with such blood pressure values?

  • For someone who is trained, a 60's heart rate isn't too little.

    The blood pressure is really a little low, but not too badly bad. And that fluctuates over the course of the day. Perhaps it is now higher again - but please do not measure all the time, that will just make you crazy.

    Today just do it slowly, don't get up too quickly, etc. and maybe drink more than 1.5 L. I don't think you will tip over then. Are you afraid of it or does it happen to you often?

  • Your blood pressure is really a little low. If you do a lot of sport, you should drink more accordingly. 1.5l drink with everything? Coffee, tea etc included? That is clearly not enough.

    Was that the first time with this DVD? Well, if you have sore muscles, it was too much strain.

    If I went jogging for a long time in the evening and then did some gymnastics, the next morning I'm also exhausted.

  • I drink 1 liter of tea every day at work. And then water in the evening.

    Measure my blood pressure once a day. Always after work at home.

    Yes, it was the first time with the DVD. Then why do you feel that way the next day?

    Does the body then run out of energy and has to recover?

  • Maybe you are just starting to get an infection. I wouldn't necessarily see a connection to sport. You may also be suffering from nutritional deficiencies of some kind. If this happens again after exercising, it might be advisable to have the blood checked.

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