How is work-life balance on Google

Work-life balance - what is it actually?

Work-life balance ... The healthy balance between private life and work

If you enter the term work-life balance on Google, the searcher will be shown around 160 million results. A clear sign that a lot of people are concerned with this term and its meaning. The first hit of this incredible number is Wikipedia. There work-life balance is defined as follows: "The term work-life balance stands for a state in which work and private life are in harmony with one another. The term work-life balance comes from the English: Arbeit (work) , Life, balance. "

It is therefore clear that work-life balance is about equilibrium, i.e. a balanced state between our work and our (rest of) life. So far so good. But an average working day lasts at least eight hours for most of them. So there is not so much and certainly not as much time left for the rest of life. A very simple calculation. In addition, many people pick up their mobile phones again shortly after work, check e-mails, check appointments for the next day or remind their colleagues of the important meeting in the morning. There is no question of separating work and everyday life. So how do we get a good work-life balance?

We would like to support you with these tips to find your very personal and optimal work-life balance in your life!

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Short breaks preferred

Can you still remember the first day at work after three weeks of vacation? What do you think of spontaneously: a mountain of abandoned work and an overflowing inbox or the anticipation of getting back to work and absolute serenity? If points one and two come to mind, you should think about whether you would rather take your vacation days in small bites. It is better to travel for a week rather than three weeks at a time.

Family and employer - a balancing act between two worlds

Anyone who has a family and works knows the problem of reconciliation. Urgent to-dos are waiting at work, the children want to be picked up from school, gasping breaks out. Although there has certainly been some improvement in the labor market in recent years, working mothers are often the ones who tear themselves apart between work and life. Now it's time to set priorities and communicate. Very few things are so explosive that they can't even wait an hour or two (or even longer). Flexible working time models, home office solutions, assistance through time management seminars - you should inform your employer about such possibilities.

Take a walk against the stress

By now we all know: nature is good for us humans. Not only in our body, but also in our mind. Instead of getting on the train or bus in the evening, just walk a few stops. Or you can go for another lap, ideally in the country, instead of sitting in front of the television.

Short cleanup phases

Don't just pack your cleaning schedule on Saturday. Better to tidy up every now and then. This will prevent chaos and hours of cleaning on the weekend. And don't forget: an orderly desk also ensures orderly thoughts.

Focus your social life: meet friends

Nothing distracts more from the anger experienced during the day than a conversation among friends. Regular meetings with loved ones should therefore be an absolute must in your calendar.

Before work or after work: do sports

Physical balance is also important to us. However, if you find it difficult to switch off even while jogging in the park, you should look for a sport that requires a certain amount of concentration. This means that the last thoughts on the workplace are quickly banished.

@Work: submit tasks

Do you prefer to do everything yourself, so you know it's done properly? Then you should learn to let go and leave things to your colleague, for example. Hand in to-do's and get help.

What work is done? Check off!

At the end of the day, keep in mind what you've done. Even better, you can remove your tasks from your daily to-do list. If something is left open, it will be noted for the next day. You can of course also do this digitally: If you want to try out methods from agile work, you can set up your own Kanban board and define three phases for each individual task: To Do, in progress and Done are then called the steps. There are (free) tools such as Trello for this purpose. So held, you can relax and leave for the well-deserved evening.

Work mindfully

At the end of the day, how often do we think that the stress has kept us intoxicated from being aware of ourselves? Mindfulness in everyday life is so important to us! We have 13 tips that will finally put an end to stress at work and tell you how relaxation can be achieved at work.

voluntary work

We are all looking for recognition. If we find them in our professional life, that's great. But if that's not the case, how about doing some volunteer work? With this you are not only sure of a lot of recognition. You will also find that your social commitment confirms you and that you feel internally satisfied.