What do Dravidians think of Kannadigas

Which is ancient Hinduisam or Dravidiasm [closed]

The premise of the question is wrong. is certainly and widespread in South India, as is Islam, Christianity, and many other religions. There is no . If there was such a thing in ancient times, it is a very controversial and controversial subject. Genetics and many other modern tools seem to suggest that they are constructs - just like races. So if the question is related to religion, there is no religion called. If it is a racial issue, I suggest that constructing racial identities is a false premise.

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Many of the greatest "resuscitation theorists" and thinkers of Hinduism (although the term Hinduism is very common - I use it here in the conventional sense) come from South India (South India - again in the conventional sense). Three of the most famous scholars / thinkers were Shankaracharya, Ramanuja and Madhavacharya.

Epics like the Ramayana have been reinterpreted and told in South Indian languages ​​like Kamban's version of the Ramayana. Shaivism and other forms of Hinduism also have rich literary contributions from all languages. To see literature check out. The other (primary) languages ​​in South India are Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. A search produces many results, but is too extensive to be covered in an SE response.


The only thing I know about it is Dravid - the root of the word is Dravidian languages. Where there is a language there is usually a cultural identity associated with it. Sometimes where there is a cultural identity there is a people, and where there is a people there may be common genetic traits or a similar migrant background to arbitrarily group these people together for discussion. But that's just a guess ... As I am not well informed about this, I may not know about other things that "Dravidian" might refer to.