Used Mark Zuckerberg's email

Perhaps the most prominent user of Signal is Mark Zuckerberg

Around 533 million Facebook users were victims of a data leak on Facebook. A technical failure meant that attackers now know their phone numbers, places of residence, full names, birthdays and e-mail addresses. Around 1.2 million accounts from Austria are likely to be affected.

It also includes the phone numbers of more prominent people, and of course various people - from cyber criminals to security researchers - try to use it to gain more information. An exciting insight has already emerged. Signal, the open source, encrypted messenger recommended by Edward Snowden among others, has a very prominent user. Namely Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

"Mark Zuckerberg uses signal"

Zuckerberg's phone number was also part of the leak. Security expert Dave Walker added this to his contact list to see which programs and messengers the CEO would appear in. Signal then reported that Zuckerberg could be contacted via the app.

The fact that the Facebook founder uses Messenger is not necessarily surprising, after all, corporate bosses also feel the need to communicate as privately as possible and, if possible, without supervision. With Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp - which uses the same protocol as Signal for end-to-end encryption - there are two programs for text, voice and video communication under the umbrella of the company.

Of course, the fact that Zuckerberg uses Signal does not preclude the use of other messengers. And whether he uses the app on his own initiative or because contacts from him insist on it is also open.

The phone number of the CEO contained in the leak is likely to be out of date. The data had already been tapped a year ago, but was only now entering wider circulation. According to Facebook, the underlying security vulnerability was also patched in August 2019. (red, 6.4.2021)