What is a tragedy of the black hole

Nobel Prize in Physics for research on black holes

Nobel Prize in Physics for research on black holes

Nobel Prize, -e (m.) - a famous award given every year by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Black hole, black holes (n.) - a dark region of the universe that pulls in and destroys everything in its vicinity

devour something - take in something; eat something

Astronomer - someone who scientifically studies planets and stars

Astrophysicists - someone who scientifically studies the laws of physics in the universe

General theory of relativity (f., Only singular, always with article) - a famous physical theory by Albert Einstein

to form - arise

explode - Jump into many small parts with very high pressure

Singularity, -en (f.) - here: something that cannot be explained by the known laws of physics

Mass, -n (f., Mostly singular) - here: the weight in relation to the size

Galaxy, -n (f.) - an area in space with very many stars

Bahn, -en (f.) - here: the path on which something moves

Rosette, -n (f.) - here: a shape that looks roughly like a rose

conclude of something - arrive at a result based on information

going on - happen

Object, -e (n.) - here: the object or the living being; the thing

exotic - strange; here also: unusual