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Finding Friends: 3 Simple Tips: How to Find New Friendships in Adulthood

3 simple tips: How to make new friends in adulthood

Kindergarten, school, university: all three places are known for making friends there without too much effort. But what should you do if you want to make new friends in adulthood?

In adulthood in particular, we are increasingly confronted with the way things are going: Old friendships from childhood and youth break up or fizzle out because you have developed in different directions and your own interests and priorities in life have shifted. Or, like I did about 2 years ago, you move to a new city because of your job. In retrospect, I was just pure luck. Through work, I was able to quickly make new contacts and friendships, which made my start in my new home a lot easier. Unfortunately, things are not always that simple.

How do I make new friends?

I can at least briefly reassure anyone who is currently without a large circle of friends: You are not alone. A study carried out by Statista in 2019 found that around a quarter of Germans have great difficulty making new friends. But instead of sinking into loneliness and self-pity, you should just tackle the problem - and say goodbye to your comfort zone for the time being. Because one thing is certain: This is the only way you will find new friends.

Three helpful tips: This is how you make new friends

1. Take your hobby as an introduction

Do you love sports? Are you passionate ukulele players or are you enthusiastic about learning new languages? No matter what hobby you have - use this as a kind of introduction. Attend a VHS course in your city, register for sports courses or offer lessons yourself in which you can teach people something. In this way you bring people directly into your environment who are interested in the same things.

2. Use the internet

The internet is both a curse and a blessing. In this case, however, we focus on the advantages of the web. Similar to the search for a partner, you can also use the Internet to laugh at friends - and quite normal people. Pages like or, but also apps like Bumble Friends and several Facebook groups offer you the opportunity to meet new people who have similar interests, listen to the same music or have a similar love for cake share how you do it. It's worth trying!

3. Introduce yourself to your neighborhood

This tip is particularly beneficial for city dwellers. Often you live in a house with numerous people, some of whom you have never seen before. One more reason to get in touch with your own neighborhood. Initiate a small neighborhood party or just ring the doorbell to introduce yourself. From experience I can say that the step is worthwhile and will cause 90% positive reactions if you approach strangers in an open and friendly manner. And who knows: maybe your new friends even live in the same house as you?