Why is canoeing a war crime

France : Four dead during a canoe tour

Limoges - Four members of a family of five from the Limoges area in the southern Massif Central drowned when their two inflatable canoes capsized in dangerous eddies on the Vienne River. Three dead were recovered, the search for the body of the 42-year-old mother, who is suspected to be at the bottom of the river, was stopped on Saturday evening. Only the 14-year-old daughter survived the disastrous canoe trip, the authorities said.

When the family dared to cross a weir, the canoes got into dangerous eddies and capsized. When one of the couple's nine and twelve year old sons was thrown out of the boat, the family evidently panic and tried to escape the eddies upstream. The 44-year-old father and sons, according to the information secured with life jackets, drowned in the water eddies, the mother was torn away.

"That's crazy. Even we have never tried to cross such a weir, "said Alain Babulle, Vice-President of a canoe-kayak club familiar with the Vienne, about the serious accident. Other canoeing experts also called the family's behavior irresponsible: “It's like the accidents in the mountains. When the weather is nice, people go on tour without knowing the dangers. " The family did not belong to any canoe club. (dpa)

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