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It is not in me. Which Lilith Parker character are you? Harry Potter Lovestory long evaluations 10 questions - Created by: Katelin - Developed on: 11/18/2020 - 4,962 times called Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory or the famous Harry Potter, test it here. ... family go. :) Prepare for long (and twice very long) evaluations! What do you think? How he would like to be outside now, but this rainy weather makes it almost impossible for him. My son Harrison James Potter. Harry Potter - Your life at Hogwarts What would your name be, who would be your friends / enemies, what house would you be in and what would you experience in the seven years? :) As always, I look forward to any comments and criticism! What are you wearing Harry had barely survived his last fight against Voldemort and was now in a coma. A wand is a quasi-sensitive magical instrument that a witch or wizard uses to channel his or her magical powers to focus the effects for more complex results. What you are doing? I tried to write evaluations as long as possible. What's in your suitcase? It had been an exciting vacation for the Boy-Who-Lived. How about your life at Harry Potter? Your life at Harry Potter with long evaluation 20 questions - Created by: LionGirlll - Developed on: 15.05.2011 - 61,980 times viewed - User rating: 4.2 out of 5 - 25 votes - with long evaluation - 9 people like it mentioned instructions Obey. But he receives help from others, sometimes from a metaphysical realm, as it were. How do you feel about it and which house do you want to go to? 12 questions - Created by: LilyLeigh - Updated on: December 15, 2011 - Developed on: December 03, 2011 - 121,874 times viewed - User rating: 4.5 out of 5 - 90 votes - with a long evaluation - 14 people like it It came her as if she grew up with this dear heart's desire. The thought is terrifying. You have to bring the first graders forward and put on the sorting hat. G my cousin H is none of your business I my godmother J my mother. During your first few weeks at Hogwarts, you made some friends / admirers. It doesn't matter which house you are in. That thought didn't let go of him. Your family will take you to Platform 9 Ÿ in London. How do you feel about your parents? You and your parents live in the tranquil town of Eastport, a small wizarding village in the US state of Maine. Nothing is as it was. You have black, long, straight hair that you prefer to wear open or in two pigtails, and green sparkling eyes. "Harry! He was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and played a crucial role as a double agent in both wizarding wars against Lord Voldemort. Animagi, female: Animaga, female. However, it said at the end of the paragraph in the book, the soul of the local Harry Potter had to swap places with him, since no two identical souls in one and the same place had to obey long ... instructions. It must have been a reflex. :) I finally managed to upload my new test! It is a learned skill, not an inherited skill, unlike that of the Metamorphmagi. In their third year of Transfiguration, Hogwarts students are taught information about Animagi. Still ... I think you going to fall in love (Harry Potter love story) My life at Hogwarts XXL; Which Harry Potter boy is right for you? 10 talking about this. “I'm fine sir. Born July 1980 to James and Lily Potter, members of the First Order of the Phoenix, during the height of the First War. Are you a pro Because I'm something of a mother substitute for him. This year the Triwizard Tournament takes place. However, his body resembles that of an 11 year old and it would stay that way until he found his partner. His real father, Tom Riddle, alias Lord Voldemort, is more than 300 years old and, like Harry, carries a demon within himself. But my question was answered quickly, because the door was already swung open and a profile appeared that I had long believed to have lost forever. Harry Potter - Your life at Hogwarts (very long story) 16 questions - Created by: Ginny2003 - Updated on: 01/16/2018 - Developed on: 01/08/2018 - viewed 59,719 times - User rating: 4.1 of 5 - 8 votes - with a long evaluation - 39 people like it 6 Berti Botts beans. Evaluation: You always bought that at Zonkos: 1 Infinite liquorice 2 Everything that is similar to rubber animals 3 Nothing 4 Chocolate frogs 5 Everything !!! Harry faces Voldemort like young David faces Goliath; if it were only about magic, he would have died in the first volume. You are 53%: Your name is Abigail Darkness, but you prefer your nickname Abby. No, this person was the hero and savior of the entire wizarding world ... Harry Potter. Until a week ago. It went way too fast for that. Hello, in this test you will find out how your life in the Harry Potter world will be, who your friends are, your first friend and how your wedding will be etc. You have arrived at Hogwarts. What are you going to do after school? Avoid perverse or violence-glorifying content. Pl. Breaking the rules can lead to consequences. Harry yelled. What do you think of Draco Malfoy? Are you sure you want to delete this comment? ... Living and loving at Hogwarts - with love story ♥ ... Im same year as Harry Potter - so 14 years old. Please note the following instructions in order to refrain from the behavior we despise. To what or My little brother, he's sad because I've been going away since our mother a few years ago died, he can't stand it when I go back to Hogwarts. Your family may no longer be here, but they will always be in your heart. You get on the train. You have been assigned and more or less satisfied. Which subject and which teacher do you like the most? Be aware that this is a quiz site and not a dating site. Since it is my first test, I would love to hear your feedback! Music test! It catapulted you from a life of finances ler trouble to multimillionnaire status (or maybe even billionaire status, but she donates so much ...) You love the small port town, but recently your father announced to you that he has been transferred to the Ministry of Magic in London because he is works for the Department of International and Magical Cooperation. He can't have thought about what he was doing. Take care of him as if it were your own and take care of Lily-Flower too. You get used to it to some extent. Because in the door was my brother, Harry Potter. Short questions (only standard, I hope you don't mind), long evaluations. Harry Potter how is your life on Hogwards? Where to find you The day of departure has come. The rest of the vacation passes quickly and your trip to Hogwarts is soon to come. "Harry, my boy, how are you?" Albus asked. Animagae) is a witch or wizard who can willingly transform himself into a certain animal. Severus Snape (* 9. The last evening before you moved. They lived in the village of Godric's Ho… Harry Potter sighed again and remembered the summer vacation. May 1998) was a half-blooded wizard, potions master (1981-96), Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher (1996-97) and Headmaster (1997-98) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Chapter 4: The Legacy. He had been there for 6 long years - St. Mungo's, in his own room, in his sick bed. Hello my dears! I am happy to see you again, even if I would prefer it under better circumstances. ”“ Me too, my boy, me too. Without a doubt, Sarina was good, but how would she have been with Bellatrix lessons? Live your life, Harry… Read Registration from the story Harry Potter Wattpad Camp by letalestrange_xo (⚯͛) with 154 reads. I hope you enjoy reading it and you like the stories! Breaking the rules can lead to consequences. But first of all, all the best for your birthday. “, Dumbeldore congratulated the boy, who accepted it gratefully. "That took long enough," Vernon snapped. Who would you like to go to the Christmas ball with? Your life and your love in the magical world of Harry Potter 15 questions - Created by: ly1334 - Updated on: 02/01/2021 - Developed on: 12.05.2020 - 12,777 times called - with long evaluation - 10 people like it Your mother is a witch, your father is a Muggle. Most spells are called with the help of magic wands, but spells can be cast without the use of magic wands. Avoid perverse or violent content. Harry received his wand from Ollivander at a price of seven Galleons just before his freshman year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What are you doing? This article discusses key terms from the seven volumes of Harry Potter - Novel series by Joanne K. Rowling. In addition to the terms used in the German edition, the term is followed in brackets k indicates how it is used for the term described in the original English-language edition of the novels. 29 days ago today, Draco Malfoy saved my life. What would her life have been like if Bellatrix had never come to Azkaban? In reality he is something of a hundred. I wouldn't have had that reflex if it had been for his life. There are 3 great guys to choose from :) Short questions (only standard, hope nobody cares), long evaluations. Your grandma (whom you only saw in pictures before) is very nice to you and you are her little darling. Be aware that this is a quiz site, not a dating site. Welcome to this Harry Potter fansite. What is your special ability? If you open your mouth one more time, I'll personally make sure it is the last time. Have fun PS: I hope the evaluations are not too long. What do you think when your parents tell you about your move? Harry Potter and his fate. :) ", my voice squeaked and I wrapped my thin arms around him. Comments function without the RPG / FF / quiz, Add" Quizzes about me "to my list, Your life in my Hogwarts history. Who is your gaze? Harry Potter how is your life at Hogwards? ... what I have. Whose side are you on in the final battle? Do you actually have a pet at Hogwarts? Harry Potter turned on the 31st. You will use a port bowl. Harry is older than him actually Little did JK Rowling make up Harry Potter and the magical world he lived in that it was turning into a seven-book, eight-movie worldwide phenomenon. Most of the compartments are full and of course you know Nobody. An Animagus (Pl. From birth he lived with his parents in a chosen hiding place, as Lord Voldemort wanted to kill Harry. wattpadcamp, harry, potter. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? He could erf What would have happened if Neville had become the chosen one. So that's it. By confirming you agree to the above Please note the following instructions in order to refrain from the behavior we despise. “All my life I have received nothing but insults from you. I've read all of the Harry Potter stories on Testedich, so now I wanted to try one out myself. You will see her again one day, but please only do so after a long life. Which of the champions are you for? (long evaluation) Your dangerous Hogwarts Love; Find your love from Hogwarts part 2; Love at Hogwarts; Loved Harry Potter # 2; Who is your Hogwarts love? January 1960; † 2. He tried many other wands with little success, but he felt warm after receiving the holly wand. I hope you enjoyed my first test, comment function without the RPG / FF / quiz, add to my "quizzes about me" list, your life in my Hogwarts story. She would have had a mother, the best teacher. You know these are the most important people in my life to me and I wouldn't trust them to anyone other than you, my brother. Question: Well, let's start with the first question. Which Lilith Parker character are you? Make new friends, make love, raise a family. You land in front of a Windsor-style family home in a small coastal town called Pegwell. Not all the stories are finished yet, but I'm working on them and you can read the other stories until then. You are on the ball with your partner - whether your dream partner or not. Evaluation: You always take care of that with you: AB nothing CD Parchment EF rarely take money with GH secretly Butterbeer “Life, no matter how difficult it is, is always worth living, Harry . By confirming you agree to the above =) Certificate: Evaluation for the test How would your life be in Harry Potter's world?

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