What does successful delivery mean

The package was successfully delivered.

The package was either delivered to the original recipient or to family members, employees, neighbors or other persons who DHL can assume that they are entitled to accept. The status The package was successfully delivered. usually appears within 10 minutes after delivery. This is how long it takes for the information to be transferred from the delivery agent's handheld scanner to DHL shipment tracking.

► If necessary, read our advice package successfully delivered but not findable. Where is the package?

You can use the shipment tracking on www.dhl.de to determine the name of the recipient. There you have to enter the recipient zip code to find out the name of the person who signed for the package.


If the recipient's postcode is not accepted by the system, use the tracking to check whether a return to the sender can be identified there. Or whether it is a shipment from Germany to another country - even then the postcode query sometimes does not work. Or whether it is a shipment from non-EU countries to Germany. If the latter, see note at the bottom **.

If the package was delivered to a neighbor and this neighbor cannot be found, the sender should contact DHL to investigate. Then the deliverer is asked where he left the parcel. The neighborhood tax is only allowed in the immediate vicinity. In the city center, roughly on the same street and not 2 streets away. The neighborhood is more extensive in rural villages, where parcels can also be dropped off a few houses away.

If a parcel has been left with a neighbor and it cannot be found there, the deliverer may even be personally liable. In 2014 there were media reports that DHL deducted the damage for lost packages from its employees' salaries.

** Important for international shipments from non-EU countries: These can also have been delivered to a customs office near the recipient. The recipient should receive a pick-up information by post 1-2 days later. If that doesn't happen, please read our guide to international parcels.


And in English this package status is:
"The shipment has been successfully delivered / Shipment delivered"